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Developers: How to Choose the Right Team Format

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If you decide to launch a web service or application, but you do not have developers, then you will inevitably face the question of hiring them on staff or finding an outsourcing studio.

But there is another compromise solution – to work with a cross-functional service such as an offshore software development solution from Turnkey Labs. This model will be constructed around the needs of your startup and save you much time and money.

How Can You Work with Programmers?

Recruit a team. Nobody prevents you from attracting full-time programmers and signing an employment contract with them. In this case, the team will be completely at your disposal: you can rearrange priorities or switch the performer from one task to another at any time.

This is an expensive decision. Firstly, you will have to pay taxes and fees for developers, and secondly, you will have to make sure that everyone constantly has tasks and money is not wasted.

It will not be possible to significantly save on a team in the state: the approach “we will find developers from the region and pay them half as much” no longer works. Remote work allows programmers to work for the largest IT companies, so your offer may not stand up to the competition.

Work with an outsourcing studio. You can find one team and entrust everything to it: preparation, development, and product support.

This solution is suitable if you know exactly what technologies are needed and are sure that the outsourcer understands them. Well, if you already have experience with this team or you are familiar with the leaders – this is at least some kind of guarantee that you will not be left with a raw product without access to the code.

The problem with such commands is that they are inflexible. Often they have one key specialization, such as the Ruby backend. They are great at solving problems within their stack, but a step left or right and they won’t do it – they don’t have enough experience. Of course, there are also large companies in which there are developers of any profile, but their services will cost significantly more.

Work with a cross-functional service. This format is also called a flexible staff or offshore development: you negotiate with the company, and it finds performers for your task – with the right set of competencies and only for the duration of the project.

Where to Find Performers?

If you are looking for staff, you will either have to hire an IT recruiter or contact agencies. The first approach dooms you to another staff unit, and the second, in our experience, does not guarantee a successful result.

If you have enough technical competencies, then you may be able to prepare a test task and conduct an interview yourself. But it will take time to post a job on the Internet, evaluate resumes, and onboard newcomers.

In addition, you are not protected in any way from the fact that during the selection the specialist will look good, but on the combat mission it turns out that he cannot cope.

If you’re looking for an outsourcing team, don’t trust the first one you come across. Chat with a few, ask about the experience, and ask for an estimate. Ask questions: what does the performer see as key difficulties, and how will they be solved?

Paradoxically, often the team that understands the task better has a lower estimate – they better understand how long the task will take. And if the performer has not encountered a similar problem, then he will take time with a margin, and the price tag will increase because of this.

Notice how the team accepts the task. If he doesn’t ask counter-questions and silently prepares to start development, this is an alarming sign. A good performer, as a rule, seeks to understand the task.

What About Performers on Freelance Exchanges?

We understand that the temptation to turn to a cheap performer on the stock exchange can be great. And this can be a solution if you have a very small task, for example, to integrate a site on a builder with a mail service. But for full-fledged projects, this is a dead end.

Just think: if the performer on the stock exchange is perfect, then why should he do cheap projects, instead of working in a good company and getting 4-5 times more?

Look for a full-time developer if you already have a team and well-established processes and are not afraid to invest time in selecting the right specialists. But if you do not have much experience with IT and you are just starting development, this is not the best option.

Involve an outsourcing team if you understand the task well and know how to choose the right contractor. But remember: if the project is large and requires the participation of different specialists, one contractor may not be able to cope with all the work.

Published: December 5, 2022

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