7 Leadership Lessons to Help Your Business Win

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Over all my years starting, building, and running businesses, I’ve learned a lot. When something worked, I learned from it. If something didn’t work, I learned from that, too. From all that experience, I have put together a list of 7 leadership lessons for business people. They reflect my values, as well as how I…

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Create More Opportunities at Work Through Personal Development

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Feeling like you’re not excelling at your job can be incredibly exhausting. Alongside losing motivation at work, it can put you in a slump that affects your personal life. Thankfully, you don’t need to be stuck doing the same mundane tasks forever. With hard work and dedication, you’ll discover a wide range of employment prospects waiting…

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7 Types of Success – Are You Successful and Don’t Know It?

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Success is a suitcase word, with a range of meanings that encompass different types of success. MIT Media Lab professor Marvin Minsky’s observation is that a suitcase word “Means nothing by itself, but holds a bunch of things inside that you have to unpack.” He saw the need to unpack and analyze these words as they often…

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5 Essential Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

In the realm of entrepreneurship, the journey to success is as varied as it is challenging. While having a groundbreaking idea and financial backing is vital, the true essence of entrepreneurial success often lies in the personal attributes of the individual at the helm. This exploration delves into the quintessential traits that make up successful…

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How to Use Your Passion to Build a Successful Business

a young woman's successful yoga business

Do you ever dream about turning the things you love most into an income-generating business? Just imagine, the hobbies, interests, or passion that light up your spirit could actually become your full-time job. This concept might sound too good to be true. But there are ways to use your passion to build your dream business.…

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These 5 Things Make Small Businesses Successful

From those who have owned small businesses for years to those intent on starting a business from home, having a clear understanding of the best small business practices can make it easier to find success. Having some guidance around the process of thriving as a small business owner can make it easier and more attainable…

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You Need to Brag More About Work Accomplishments


It’s understandable if you don’t love talking about what you accomplished at work. Many people will find that attitude off-putting. They think that you’re bringing other people down because of your attitude. The truth is that on many occasions, you’re not bragging enough. You deserve to keep talking about what you accomplished because you worked…

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These 5 Books Will Help You Succeed in Business

Succeeding in business is a long and challenging road, but it’s incredibly satisfying to build something from the ground up that you really believe in. The journey is full of twists and turns and most successful entrepreneurs are constantly striving to improve both their business and themselves. Everyone has a different definition of success. Some…

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Be Unapologetic About Helping Your Customers Succeed

I got a LinkedIn message today from a great sales person. It was intended to be a humorous and fun comment, ” The only reason why I don’t click ‘like’ or comment your posts is just I would like to avoid that my customers can see that I am searching for new ways to convince…

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Leaders: Why Going Easy on Everyone Benefits No One

During a meeting with a group of executives, one CEO shared her frustration about an employee who repeatedly failed to get his work done on time. We did some role playing, where the CEO said she would ask the employee what she could do to help him complete a specific task. This, of course, was…

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