Designing Your Workplace for Safety and Success

a well designed safe workplace

The workplace goes beyond being just a place where work gets done. It’s an environment that deeply affects employees’ physical and mental health, impacting their safety, productivity, and overall happiness. Designing your workplace badly can trigger a chain of accidents, injuries, and stress, holding back both individuals and the company as a whole.  On the…

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Safety Tips for Pedestrians on National Walking Day

two young businessmen out for a walk

National Walking Day, celebrated the first week in  April, is an excellent opportunity to remind your employees about the importance of pedestrian safety. As more workers embrace the benefits of walking by walking to the office or on their breaks, it’s crucial to stay vigilant and safe. Here are vital safety tips for pedestrians to…

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Benefits of Using Parking Lot Bollards

cars lined up and parked behind orange cones

As a property owner, you know that ensuring safety and orderliness in your parking lot is a pressing concern. One often-overlooked solution is the strategic use of parking lot bollards—the sturdy posts that line sidewalks and parking areas. While they might not be the most glamorous feature, bollards play a crucial role in maintaining a…

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4 Approaches to Make Employees Feel Psychologically Safe

happy and safe employees

It’s usual for businesses to want to take calculated risks to maximize business output and reap the rewards. But there are a number of repercussions of this, most notably the impact on our employees. Employees want to feel they contribute to every nature of the business but it’s critical that our employees feel psychologically safe…

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Safety and Your Small Business

When you get ready to start a small business, you have a lot on your mind: taxes, marketing, funding, and plenty more. These preoccupations are reflected in the articles you can read about startups. However, one area that doesn’t get enough attention is safety. This is not just for big companies or industries that have…

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5 Ways Boosting Workplace Safety Can Increase Productivity

Health and safety has undoubtedly become essential for businesses across every industry in recent years. And while strong health and safety measures have brought fantastic improvements to a number of areas, there are some who believe that this emphasis on workplace safety is not a universal positive.  One of the issues raised is productivity. It…

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How To Do Marketing After The Pandemic

The public health pandemic continues to rage unabated across the United States, but all things must eventually pass. When the economic shutdown ends and companies everywhere begin to eagerly reopen their doors, a new kind of marketing will be required in order to convince customers to pick your specific brand. Many entrepreneurs and marketing gurus…

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Which is More Important? Workplace Safety or Profits?

Its a new world out there. Some businesses never sent people to work from home, told they were “essential businesses.”  Soon more will reopen as weeks and months go by.  That’s a relief for most of us from the combination of boredom and lack of social interaction.  Even if we were safer at home as…

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How the Tech Explosion is Challenging the Vehicle Industry

With American vehicle sales breaching $1 trillion and more than £82 billion in turnover in the UK, the motoring industry has never been more competitive. Technological advances are driving this competition in a host of ways, such as improving regulatory oversight (most notably safety and environmental), which in turn is requiring manufacturers to step up…

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