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How To Do Marketing After The Pandemic

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The public health pandemic continues to rage unabated across the United States, but all things must eventually pass. When the economic shutdown ends and companies everywhere begin to eagerly reopen their doors, a new kind of marketing will be required in order to convince customers to pick your specific brand.

Many entrepreneurs and marketing gurus are making the terrible mistake of thinking that old marketing models will still apply in the world of tomorrow, something that’s likely to cost them huge sums of money if they don’t quickly develop a new plan of action.

Here’s a review of how to do marketing after the pandemic, which costly missteps you’ll want to avoid, and why your previous plan is likely terribly insufficient for the days ahead of us.

You’ll need to be agile

Perhaps the most important thing that business owners should internalize right now is that you’ll need to be incredibly agile in the post-COVID-19 era of marketing. This is because our social and economic landscapes are likely to change rather drastically and without warning when COVID-19 eventually subsides.

Right now, infection rates are actually rising in a number of American states, indicating that this crisis is far over – make a move too soon, and you may overplay your hand. Remaining flexible and ready for sudden, agile developments to your marketing place will thus be of the utmost importance for the next few months at least.

The folks over at Entrepreneur recently put together a fascinating guide to marketing practices during COVID-19 that’s worthy of your review. You should nevertheless understand that marketing in the world after the coronavirus has passed us by will be quite different from marketing efforts which take place while the virus is still spreading in our communities.

For the most part, you’ll want to toe a fine line between resuming your normal messaging and convincing customers that you’re taking future outbreaks very seriously. After all, nobody is going to want to spend their money on a restaurant, retailer, or other business that doesn’t appear to be investing itself in public health and the hygiene and safety standards of its own workplace.

Speaking of health and hygiene, it’s worth reviewing the CDC’s reopening guidelines to determine if your business is taking the necessary steps to protect the well-being of customers and employees. Not only is this a moral imperative, it’s something that you can reflect in your future marketing materials to convince prospective customers and clients that you respect medical science and are playing your part in reopening society in a sustainable fashion.

Convincing customers to purchase your creative cabinets and faux finishes takes excellent copywriting and a message that resonates with those who didn’t even understand that needed your product or service in the first place. In the world after COVID-19, though, you’ll need to reflect a sense of normalcy without indicating that you’ve forgotten about this tragic event that’s already taken so many lives.

Learn about the forthcoming changes

The only way that you can return to normalcy is by anticipating forthcoming changes and taking steps now to prepare yourself for these disruptions. Digital advertising is particularly likely to find itself beset by a number of industry-wide changes, whether we’re discussing the prices of various advertising efforts or the type of messaging that customers will respond to. So too will business-to-business marketing change, as some of your older partners may choose to sever ties with your brand if you didn’t take this public health crisis seriously.

Familiarize yourself with what are likely to become the normal B2B marketing practices in the post-pandemic world, and your company will be in a much better situation than many of your leading competitors. With these tips in hand, your post-pandemic marketing practices will yield greater results than ever before.

Published: July 1, 2020

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