Can a Payday Loan Cover Emergency Expenses?

a business person frustrated with a mechanic's price quote

Sudden, unanticipated expenses can leave you in a difficult situation, especially when you need funds quickly such as for a startup side gig. Personal expenses like car repairs, home repairs, or medical bills can also cause anxiety and stress. In these situations, a payday loan can be an effective and convenient way to cover small…

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The History Of Payday Loans: Where Did They Come From?

Payday loans are common in this day and age, but where exactly did they come from? The history of payday loans goes back hundreds of years and are far different to how they originally were.  Originating in the 5th century, payday loans have evolved over hundreds of years to become what they are today. Only…

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When & How to Use a Payday Lender & Other Financial Tips

Amidst the pandemic, lenders are providing opportunities to help borrowers tackle their financial difficulties. Many lenders are offering loan extensions for a couple of months, reducing the interest rates and other flexibility options. Any future repayments that you encounter have to be made after taking precautions. Ensure that you obtain secure written documentation of the…

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