Brand Protection for Mature Companies

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Congratulations!  Your company has become a success.  You have already proven out the basic elements of your company and are able to scale and implement this into different markets.  You imagine this company will be a cash cow for years to come. Doesn’t this make your company ripe for copying?  Using similar names is one…

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Brand Protection for Startups and Younger Companies

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Starting a company is difficult.  One thing that makes this so difficult is the owner is faced with so many different initial steps.  Some steps such as forming an entity or getting a tax identification number are often required, and other steps such as acquiring a domain name and creating a website seem essential.  Where…

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How to Protect Your Business Assets

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In the complex world of commerce, safeguarding your business assets is as essential as growing your business. Protecting these assets against various risks is vital for the longevity and prosperity of your enterprise. From physical assets like property and inventory to intangible assets such as intellectual property and brand reputation, a proactive strategy can help…

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Innovative Tech for Intellectual Property Protection

intellectual property protection

In our ever-advancing digital world, safeguarding intellectual property (IP) from misuse and unauthorized access presents a growing challenge. Yet, the progress made across various sectors has given rise to innovative tech for intellectual property protection that tackles these concerns head-on. These technologies stand poised to reshape the IP protection landscape, from blockchain to AI patent…

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10 Tips on How to Protect a Software Idea

How to protect a software idea? I recently answered a related Quora question on this one. I took parts of this post from a previous post on how to protect an idea while building a business, but this one focuses more on software, specifically. That’s where I’ve spent most of my career, and still my favorite business, by…

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5 Reasons Why Federal Trademark Registrations are Important

Business owners and entrepreneurs have many things to consider when opening a business. From selecting a name and deciding on a location, to advertising and hiring the best employees, the to-do list can seem never ending. After investing significant time and money into your business, you will want to know that your investment is protected.…

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Are You Wasting Money Filing Patents?

I’ve been working with early stage companies and their intellectual property protection plans for years. But only recently did I read a clear document on the risks and rewards of patent strategy. Thanks to Russ Krajec, a patent attorney, for the quick improvement in my education, here are some important points to consider when thinking…

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5 Steps for Protecting Yourself from Copyright Infringement

As an artist or entrepreneur, one of the most dreaded obstacles you may face is someone stealing your work. Copyright infringement is common and can be a massive disruption to a business or career. If it happens to you, be prepared to tackle it head on. These five critical steps will help you keep your…

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3 Things Entrepreneurs Forget When Launching Their Startups

They say that 96% of all businesses fail during their first 10 years, and this incredible statistic highlights the universal challenging facing commercial ventures in the digital age. Attempting to mitigate these risks and challenges can be exceptionally difficult for entrepreneurs, who must manage a number of individual elements if they’re to launch a successful…

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Trademark Ownership Strategy

I’ve stressed the importance of trademarks on many occasions. In short, owning (and controlling) the brand name is essential on the journey of franchising. It’s one of the many reasons that California cannabis companies can’t franchise. Acquiring the trademark isn’t the only thing you need to consider when going through this process. One important, yet often…

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