Boost Your ROI Significantly With These 5 Email Marketing Tips


An email has been a form of communication and marketing for decades. However, as technology advanced, people started considering emails to be a dying form of communication. But with all the new email blast tools, it has sustained its place and became even better than before. Using these tools, you can automate the action of…

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4 Top Ways to Implement Your New Email Marketing Campaign

To be successful at email marketing, which, to this day, remains the cheapest way of advertising, you’ll need to come up with a viable strategy, starting with proper research. It is no brainer that sending emails only to target audiences and only at the right intervals is a prerequisite for long-term success. What many people…

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How to Boost Email Open Rates by 32% [Etsy Case Study]

Email marketing allows businesses to reach current and potential customers in the place they go every single day – their inbox. But how do you make sure that your emails are opened when they reach your subscribers? You can create brilliant and engaging content, but if people do not open your emails, then they will…

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