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Boost Your ROI Significantly With These 5 Email Marketing Tips

By: JT Ripton



An email has been a form of communication and marketing for decades. However, as technology advanced, people started considering emails to be a dying form of communication. But with all the new email blast tools, it has sustained its place and became even better than before. Using these tools, you can automate the action of sending numerous emails at once to a segmentized email list. In addition, there are plenty of other useful functions you can perform with the help of these email marketing tools.

Sending out emails to your subscribers can boost your return on investment (ROI) significantly. For every $1 spent on an email, you will get $44 ROI. However, this can only happen if your emails are intriguing enough to convince the recipient to open and act on them. This is why you need to create engaging email marketing content. Otherwise, all the efforts you make to set up the campaign will go to waste.

If you are planning to run an email marketing campaign, here’s how you get maximum engagement, in turn, boost your ROI significantly.

Segmentation Of Email List

It won’t be effective if you send an email that doesn’t match the recipient’s interest. The most significant advantage of email blast tools is that they allow you to segment your email list and group subscribers with similar pursuits. That way, you can customize emails according to the interests of your subscribers.

To do that, you will need to do some research on the data analytics that depict the behaviors and interests of the subscribers. Once you know their interests, you can conveniently group them using email blast tools. As a result, you will get more engagement on your emails and generate more ROI than before.


Everyone likes to be addressed by their name, whether it’s a message or an email. When you add a touch of personalization to your emails, the recipients usually respond quickly. Among 250 billion emails sent in a day, yours will catch the recipient’s attention in a matter of just one look. Likewise, when recipients spot their name in the subject of an email or introductions, they will be intrigued to read it.

You can also send personalized birthday wishes or offers specially customized for every recipient. They will also appreciate a birthday discount. Some brands send their recipients a follow-up email when they shop from them. This may evoke a positive feeling for your brand that will benefit your image even if they don’t use that discount.

 Improve Your Deliverability

A lot of times, brands keep sending emails to their subscribers, but they never reach them. They would never realize it if they didn’t study the open rate. If you have an unusual decline in the trajectory of the open rate of your email campaign, you need to figure out why it’s happening. It is likely that all your emails are landing in the spam or junk folder of the recipient. This is why it’s essential to keep an eye on the deliverability of your emails.

If your emails are getting trapped in the spam or junk folders of the recipients, it’s because you’re using spam trigger terms or words in your emails. It would help if you got past the spam filters to keep your emails from ending up in the junk folders. For that, you have to create clean and high-quality content.

Besides that, you must also include an unsubscribe button in your email that is visible. When you keep badgering the person with emails and give them no option to unsubscribe to the service, they feel violated. As a result, they might report your emails as spam. For more information on how to avoid email spam, you must check out the CAN-SPAM Act.

Pick The Right Time

You may have planned a great marketing strategy, but it will be useless if you send it out at the wrong time. There are certain times of the day, days of the weeks, and weeks of the month when subscribes are more active. To figure out those timings, you need to do a lot of research and use data analytics. It will help you predict their behaviors and interest.

 Optimize For Mobile And Other Devices

In today’s time, we don’t have more than just PCs and laptops. More than 50% of the emails are open on mobile today. In addition, there are different devices that demand different aspect ratios and responsiveness. So, you need to make sure your emails look great on all of the devices.

Many services will allow you to buy templates for the email marketing campaign that you can apply to your email marketing campaign. This will enhance the user experience and responsiveness.

In Conclusion

If you are a new or old business looking to expand your business, email marketing can be a great way to spread the word. However, you can only boost ROI with an email marketing campaign if you have an engaging email marketing campaign that delivers exactly what the recipients are looking for.

Published: October 7, 2021

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