Seven Ways to Support Neurodiverse Staff on SSDI

a hand holding a neurodiverse themed ribbon

Employers today face an opportunity to tap into a diverse talent pool by supporting neurodiverse staff on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Neurodiversity encompasses a variety of mental and cognitive differences, and embracing it can lead to innovation and growth. Nurturing this talent requires more than goodwill; it demands concrete strategies to create an enabling…

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How to Make Disabled Employees Feel Confident at Work

When most of us think of a disabled person, we might think of someone who’s wheelchair-bound, or has to travel everywhere on crutches, or who’s blind or deaf. While all of these categories would certainly qualify, it’s a fact that not every disability is so easy to spot. Moreover, many of the individuals who suffer…

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How to Make Your Marketing Efforts Disability-Inclusive

Businesses worldwide are in a perpetual struggle to find the best talent possible. Adjacent to this issue is the problem that nearly all job hunters with disabilities face: employers won’t see past their disability. In addition to being unethical, discriminating hiring practices are also just bad business. Surveys show that companies that do not discriminate…

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