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Why Does Small Business Matter?

By: SmallBizClub


Why Does Small Business Matter

Today, the US is a hotbed of startups and small businesses. Even with the popularity of the Internet and multi-national corporations, small businesses are much more common and more likely to impact your life than industry giants.

But what’s the fuss about small business, anyway? Chains are everywhere, and you can probably go months at a time without buying something or using a service from the mom-and-pop around the block.

While that may be true, chains aren’t the only business in town. And as the US and other countries become more startup-happy and tech-based, small businesses are cropping up from Silicon Valley to New York City and beyond.

Check out the stats below to see why small businesses are critical to our lives.


Author: Christopher Zook is a Marketing Specialist with Webpagefx.com. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter: @webpagefx.

Published: April 5, 2016

Source: Webpagefx

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