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Using Technology to Gateway into Entrepreneurship

By: Brian Wallace


Using Technology to Gateway into Entrepreneurship

Your knowledge is unique to you, something no one can ever take away from you. Saying this, your knowledge can be one of your most beneficial assets in a plethora of scenarios. When finances are a burden, or if you simply have the desire to test the waters of entrepreneurship, consider capitalizing off your brain storage. In other words, sell your knowledge online. With the help of technology you already own, and internet capabilities, you can get your small business running in no time.

Within the next six years, the global e-learning marketplace is expected to reel in a $400 billion net worth. Taking advantage of the e-learning economy in its infancy is a sure-fire method to getting as close to a “get rich quick scheme” as realistically possible.

To begin this process, you should first choose a topic you feel comfortable reteaching. Keep in mind that relaying information digitally rather than in-person comes with its own struggles, so having faith in your knowledge is important. Ask yourself, “What could I talk about all day?” This does not have to be arithmetic or a school, core-content subject.

For example, if you consider yourself an expert in writing or reading, consider writing an ebook or starting a blog. If you are a tech expert, consider developing an app. On the other hand, creating an online shop to sell custom goods may be a suitable route if you are an experienced designer. If none of these options seem appealing, but say you simply enjoy talking… starting a podcast or YouTube channel could be your calling. Lastly, speaking of knowledge, for those of you actually in the education profession could benefit from building a valuable online course.

In the organizational phase of your digital side hustle, give yourself structure by creating and sticking to a set schedule. Setting up an office space and providing yourself with a designated workspace will also prove beneficial. This workstation can be in-home, or in a coffee shop—just be sure your setup is ergonomic enough to encourage productivity during use. Along these lines, never stop learning new skills, as this will keep you afloat and progressing once your business launches.

Becoming your own employer is a satisfying feeling. Whether or not you are starting your own business for extra money, adding a side job increases American’s monthly income by an average of 25%. Saying this, sharing your knowledge is one of the most direct ways to partake in the side-job industry; besides, your business can easily grow into a full-time job if successful. Think about using the free tools and implementing the tips described below when building your startup. Knowledge is power—cash in on yours by using technology you already own such as your camera, desktop, laptop, tablet, and/or cell phone to create valuable online learning materials.

Using Tech to Become an Entrepreneur
Source: Online Course Report

Published: November 1, 2019

Source: Online Course Report

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