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Top-Paying Side Jobs for Entrepreneurs and Employees

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Top Paying Side Jobs for Entrepreneurs

Many people combine their full-time work with side jobs that can bring in some extra cash and offer an exciting opportunity. Even if you’re a small business owner, there is ample opportunity to fit a lucrative, enjoyable side job around their schedule, with some of the best-paying side jobs also allowing for plenty of flexibility. Also, if you’re not already an entrepreneur but work for someone else, one of these side jobs could easily turn into your own small business.

This infographic by All Finance Tax outlines a few of the top-paying side jobs that are available, including sign language interpreter, software developer and freelance product photographer. Why not see if there is an opening for you to take on a side job in addition to operating your business or working for someone else?

Side Jobs IG

Author: Colette Cassidy is the Director of All Finance Tax, an Irish-based firm which specializes in finance and tax consultation. She is strongly focused on delivering top quality service and advice to small businesses and individuals and her goal is to bring the experience she obtained from working with large companies like Microsoft to individuals, sole traders and small limited companies at a competitive price.

Published: October 27, 2015

Source: Lioness Magazine

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