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How to Pave Your Path to Greatness

Let’s face it. Everyone desires to be one of three things: rich, famous, and/or happy. It’s an intrinsic human desire that is hardwired into our brains. The problem is that when it comes to achieving these lifelong dreams, many people just don’t know where to start. Here are some great tips to get you started on your rise to greatness.

Be Consistent
Whatever you do, don’t be quick to give up. If you are ever to succeed at anything, you need determination. If you don’t succeed the first time, try again. Do whatever it takes to get your project or venture off the ground.
If you can’t find success with your current strategy, then try different approaches, learn about other perspectives, ask for advice/feedback, or even change your expectations. The point is to keep on trying, as this is the only way you will truly learn. While in the classroom there may be a right and a wrong answer, in the real world people learn through experience and experimentation. This is also why it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them quickly.
Spend Your Time Wisely
Try to cut time from activities that aren’t necessary. If you currently find yourself driving during peak hours, try leaving earlier. You could always take care of errands that could be completed along the way or squeeze in some time at the gym for your daily workout. There are only twenty-four hours in a day, so you might as well make the most of them! You’d be surprised at how much you could accomplish in your lifetime from cutting just an hour a day from unnecessary activities and time drains.
Fake It Until You Make It
If you don’t feel confident about what you’re doing, try your best to never show it. If you want to persuade people to follow you, believe you, or even help you, you must convey strong confidence. Don’t let people realize your uncertainty. The more you practice this, the more you will begin to believe it yourself and the more comfortable you will become.
Think Differently
Don’t be afraid to bring up uncommon ideas or strategies. Just because an idea isn’t conventional, does not mean that it cannot be executed successfully. In fact, some of the most unorthodox ideas oftentimes prove themselves to be the most effective. Keeps that in mind next time you come up with an unusual, albeit interesting idea.
Try Your Hand at Everything
While it is important to be consistent, this does not mean that you should not try out different things. In fact, you should try your hand at everything you can (assuming the task does not put you at severe financial or physical risk). You never know what activities you might end up enjoying. Who knows, by trying out something different you may even discover your future passion.
Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
The only way to achieve true greatness is to step outside of your comfort zone. There is absolutely no way around this. You need to push your limits to experience and learn things which you’ve never been exposed to before. This is the only way to grow both on a professional and a personal level. The more you step outside of your comfort zone, the more of a well-rounded and confident individual you will become.
Act Like a Champion
Standing tall is one of the universal gestures of power and confidence. This gesture helps for you to exude strength and control. It’s also something which many people need to improve on, as bad posture is very common nowadays. Part of explanation for this strange phenomenon could have to do with the fact that many jobs involve employees being hunched over a computer desk for extended periods of time, but this is just speculation on my part. If bad posture is the case for you, a great starting point could very well be to invest in some ergonomic office furniture.
Another great gesture of power is to convey the notion that you do not have anything to hide. This is a very powerful notion for the simple reason that people are more likely to engage with someone that appears to have nothing to hide then they are with someone that appears stiff or unfriendly.
This article was originally published by Killer Startups
Ketul Kothari is an accomplished investor and entrepreneur. He is also the author of several popular business books including Invest Your Way to Riches: The Contrarian Way. Ketul’s upcoming book, Presenting Greatness, reveals the presentation techniques and strategies employed by some of the world’s leading presentation gurus. Follow Ketul on Twitter and Facebook.
Published: January 6, 2014

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