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Generation Z Entrepreneurs

By: Brian Wallace


Generation Z

Though young in years, the post-millennial generation known as Gen Z has grown up right before our eyes—and they’re already beginning to graduate college and enter the workforce. Armed with the entrepreneurial goals of millennials but perhaps a bit more on the cautious side, many members of the Gen Z cohort are focused on working for themselves and only themselves rather than punching the clock for someone else.

In 2018, more than one in ten young college grads are underemployed and more than one in 20 can’t even find a job. Witnessing the struggle millennials faced post-college of dual crippling debt and chronic unemployment, Gen Zers are unwilling to make the same mistakes and meet the same fate. The collective frustration with the weak job outlook has inspired a new generation to build their own careers from the ground up.

Instead of waiting around for a dream job to present itself, Gen Zers have simply decided to make their own dream job—but it won’t be easy. By age ten, 21% of Gen Zers have their own savings account, many of them working on long-term plans for the funds within. Rejecting the option of taking out student loans outright, 24% of Gen Zers plan on paying their own way through college via their savings, 38% plan on working during college, and 76% already earn their own money through part-time work when possible.

Understanding financial stability as a powerful marker of adulthood, Gen Zers are building their goals around this hallmark of success. In the office, Gen Zers are determined to not only learn what they can from their managers and colleagues, but also strive to make themselves valuable and reliable team members. But for many Gen Zers, climbing the corporate ladder isn’t necessarily the end goal; according to middle and high schoolers today, over 40% say they plan on starting their own business.

Generation Z entrepreneurs are already excelling; forward-thinking young people are taking on non-traditional platform to build their brand from YouTube to Twitter. Freelance work is booming as businesses of every kind seek out talented consultants, developers, and everything in between for unmatched professional support. Today, almost half of young professionals do freelancing and by 2027, the majority of the US workforce could be made up entirely by freelancers.

With a passion for success and no fear of asking for help, the entrepreneurial spirit of Gen Z is a force to be reckoned with. Are you ready for the empires they’ll build? Take a look at this infographic for deeper look into the entrepreneurial spirit of Generation Z, where they are learning from previous generations, and even what we can learn from them.

Gen-Z Entrepreneurship
Source: Online Schools Center

Published: January 21, 2019

Source: Online Schools Center

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