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Focus: Why Your Small Business Needs It

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If there is one thing that is lacking in many businesses today (both big and small), it’s focus. In order to meet their target growth, companies try to offer more flavors and varieties. They either branch out into other markets, acquire other products, or set up new joint ventures. While there is nothing wrong with growth, sometimes, the urge for it is what causes organizations to lose focus. For small businesses, most especially, focus is very vital, because it is where the future of the company depends. When a company loses its focus, it loses its power. 

Take the sun, for instance. On a normal day, its rays are only powerful enough to aid plants to create their food. At some level, it can burn the human skin, but that’s it. However, if you take a magnifying glass and collect energy from sunlight with it, you can create energy powerful enough to start a fire. What about the laser? It’s a weaker source of energy compared to the sun, but it is powerful enough to drill a hole in a diamond. The secret lies in focus. The same thing goes with your company. If your company has focus, there are no odds too insurmountable for you. Whether the subject is your products, your customers, or your process, focus should always be your top priority. So, why do we need focus in our small businesses?
Recognizing a good focus is not simple and takes judgment, but once you’ve determined what your company’s focus will be, it should be simple. With focus, your customers, as well as your employees and the media, will have an easier time understanding what your business is all about. There is no need for complicated, high-minded, and flowery words and ideas that are difficult to comprehend. Simplicity is what your business needs, and you can achieve that with focus.
Memorable Idea
With focus, you will have an easier time to work in the minds of your customers. Since focus is simple, it is easier to remember. Keep in mind that it is not yourself or your company, but your customers that can make your business successful. If they can’t remember what your company stands for, you can’t expect them to help you succeed. One of the key ingredients of a memorable idea, though, is uniqueness. Take Volvo, for example. When the company first started making “safe” cars, no other company was making the same claim. Today, almost all car companies will tell you their cars are safe, but of all car makers out there, Volvo comes into mind first when the words “safe cars” are mentioned.
Power From Repeat Messages
Remember that illustration with the sun and the laser? With focus, you will have that same kind of power. The more often your company’s concept is repeated, the more powerful it will become. Focus gives power to your business, because with focus, you can attract the right customers. With focus, you can also attract the right employees who can help reinforce your company’s strength. 
Innovate One Aspect or Product
Focus is revolutionary. It’s innovative. It’s simple, and yet not a lot of companies understand its value. That is because most companies have a traditional mindset, believing that growth should be the primary aim of any organization. They believe focus can hinder growth. While there might be some truth in this, focus can actually offer growth to your business in the long run. It’s like taking one step backward in order to take two steps forward.
In this day and age where people are overwhelmed by too many goods and services, what consumers don’t need are more varieties of products. Find out which aspect of your company you need more focus on and exert all your energy and effort into it. Eventually, you will see how focus can simplify your company’s processes, help ingrain your company’s principles into the hearts and minds of your customers, and give your company the ability to grow into newer heights every time.
Author: Eric Estante writes for Call Dynamics, a business solutions provider based in Australia. He has a passion for teaching and loves to share what he knows and believes in through his writings. Find out more about Eric here.
Published: January 19, 2015

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