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Dress for Success: Clothing and Grooming Tips for Male Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, you probably know that the way you present things is as important as the real deal. And this applies to you too. Clothes don’t always make a man, but you certainly don’t want to give your clients or customers the chance to wonder if you’re the right person to strike a deal with.

When it comes to business, what you wear creates an impression. And if you want people to take you and your business seriously, you have to look the part. Simply wearing fine clothes won’t work wonders though; wearing the right clothes and being well-groomed will.
If you’re ready to get going but don’t know where to start from, read on for some tips.
Dress Well
You need to be well-dressed at all times—even when you’re video conferencing with clients halfway around the world on Skype. If you happen to get up and your clients catch a glimpse of your pajamas you won’t be making a good impression!
Don’t put off dressing in style until your business succeeds and you are able to rake in profits. Not having enough money to splurge should never be your excuse for dressing sloppily. You can dress well even on a budget, so if you don’t have good clothes to wear, it is time to get some shopping done.
You don’t have to buy a truckload of items; reduce the quantity of clothes, shoes, and accessories and spend on items of higher quality instead.
Make sure you have these elements in your wardrobe.
  • A classic black blazer
  • Two business suits
  • At least two pairs of jeans
  • 4-5 collared shirts
  • 4-5 high quality t-shirts (no logos)
  • A pair of cufflinks
  • 3-4 pairs of good socks
  • A black and a brown belt
  • At least two pairs of shoes (either oxfords, longwings, wingtips, loafers or derby shoes), one each in black and brown
  • A stylish watch
A Word of Advice: Dressing for the occasion is as important is being well-dressed. Sportswear won’t work for a client meet nor will a suit work for a casual brunch with employees.
Buy Clothes That Suit and Fit You Well
Remember that what looks good on someone may not always look great on you. So ensure that your clothes complement your body and face shape while also reflecting your personality.
Furthermore, it is important to wear clothes that fit you well. Wearing clothes that are baggy or too tight won’t help your image. If you buy clothes off the rack, make sure that the shoulder seams sit correctly, and that the sleeves and pant hemlines are the right lengths.
If readymade clothes don’t fit you perfectly, get them altered by a tailor. You can also consider getting your shirts, pants, and suits custom-made for a better fit.
Stay Well-Groomed
If you don’t stay well-groomed, you won’t be able to make an impact even if you wear the finest of clothes. Here’s some help you could use.
  • Shower without fail. No amount of perfume or cologne can mask body odor so don’t assume that the people around you won’t be able to get that you didn’t shower.
  • Shampoo your hair regularly. If you exercise every day and/or sweat a lot, shampooing every day is recommended.
  • Schedule an appointment with your hairdresser every 4-5 weeks to keep your hair looking tidy. Certain hairstyles are better suited for a professional environment so you might want to consider getting a new hairdo.
  • Remember to shave at all times except for when you’re going to be spending a lazy Sunday at home. A clean-shaven look is not only youthful and stylish but also classically professional.
  • Don’t forget to trim your nose hair regularly. Also trim visible hair sprouting around your ears and from moles or beauty marks.
  • A confident smile can help you gain people’s trust so take adequate care of your pearly whites. Brush and floss your teeth every day to keep them healthy. If you have stained teeth, consider teeth whitening procedures. Pay your dentist for regular visits and cleaning.
  • If you have bad breath, take necessary steps to banish it. Nothing can be as off-putting as bad breath and you certainly don’t want to ruin things for your business. Also stay away from garlic and onion right before meetings.
  • Pay attention to your nails too; clean nails and cuticles can make quite an impact on others. Doing your own manicure isn’t all that tough but you can also consider getting it done by a professional. If you happen to wear open-toed sandals, do get a pedicure as well.
The importance of being well-dressed can’t be stressed enough. And as an entrepreneur, you not only have your own reputation to think of but your company’s too!
Being well-dressed and perfectly groomed will help you feel and look confident. Now that you’ve read the tips given here, you should have no problem in dressing in style! So get started on projecting the right image as soon as you can.
Author: Brian Zeng is the Chief Marketing Officer for OwnOnly, which is a new-age online apparel store offering customized suits, shirts and blazers for the modern man. Digital marketing is Brian’s passion and he’s keen to explore the dynamics of ecommerce and men’s fashion. Follow him on Twitter @brianzengdotme.
Published: June 5, 2015

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