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Choose Your Incubator Wisely

If you are considering starting up your own small business, getting well-grounded advice from experienced people can be profitable. That’s where an incubator comes in. From cutting down on establishment costs to sponsoring educational and mentorship opportunities, the business incubator phenomenon is making business ownership a reality for entrepreneurs, for whom laying the first stone and crossing miles alone would have been difficult to start with.

An incubator environment is highly beneficial for business growth and empowering oneself as an entrepreneur. There will be high benchmarks to meet and programs to complete, but an incubator environment builds up opportunities for symbiotic exchange of ideas and concepts. 
Although having an incubation-led business model has been successful for many, there are other instances where it hasn’t worked for one reason or another. So here today we will talk about how to choose the right incubator to help your startup. 
Look Before You Leap
Not all incubators are equal. So before you join hands with an incubator to scale up your small business, remember to double-check his success trail. Find out how much capital he/she has risen with earlier portfolio companies. At the same time, be aware that if too much attention is allocated towards fundraising programs then real business takes a back seat. So be careful while picking the right incubator for your startup. 
Location Matters
Gone are the days when all scholars used to head Rome-wards or towards Athens. Now is the time of specialization and globalization. With enterprises springing up here and there, it is important to choose your incubation center wisely. For example, if it is a tech startup, Silicon Valley is your place, while if your business circles the fashion industry then Milan or New York might be your destinations. The point is to choose the location carefully because it can affect the material success of your company in the early stages.
Networking is the Key
You are participating in an incubation program to help your company grow. So make sure that your team of incubators is well networked in different arenas to take your small business to the next level. He/she must be well acquainted and in good terms to bring in angel investors, venture capitalists, and other business prospects to your organization. 
Fits with Your Needs
Before you put your business into an incubation program, remember to check whether the program is strong in the areas you need help. Whether you are looking specifically for help with funding, development, marketing, business fundamentals, or any other area, make sure that you are going to someone who has the ability to help. 
A good incubator can amp up your business to high levels. Having said so, these are just a few guidelines to help you select the right incubator for your startup. However, there is no specific rule book to choose an incubator or to find out whether hiring an incubator will really scale your business high. It all depends on your judgment and market records. 
Published: November 4, 2013

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