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5 Ways to Be Your Own Boss Without a Degree

By: Ryan Tyson


Ways to Be Your Own Boss without a Degree

While a college degree was once necessary to avoid the corporate world and become your own boss, there are more opportunities than ever today that don’t require one. Each of these five jobs gives you the opportunity to become your own boss without first earning a college degree.

Web Designer

The internet has become a prominent part of our world. In addition to increasing social connections among personal relationships, it has also become a popular business model. Many brick and mortar businesses are moving to a virtual business setting, and a lot of businesses are operating strictly over the internet. These virtual businesses need a website to reach customers all over the world.

Building a website requires specialized skills including web design programming, content creation, and search engine optimization. Freelance web designers with these skills can offer web design services to online businesses, and a college degree is not required.

Personal Shopper

Convenience is one of the most important business models around today. The internet and smartphones have made it convenient for shoppers to buy the things they need online and have them delivered to their front door. Delivery services are available today for groceries, meals, and even clothing.

Becoming a personal shopper does not require a college degree. Also, personal shoppers often have a significant amount of schedule flexibility. They can accept the jobs they want and pass on the ones they don’t want. Specializing in a specific shopping niche is also a great way to attract customers and to become an expert personal shopper.


Amway is a unique business opportunity in that it gives you the chance to become your own boss while still having the assistance and connections to others. Going into business by yourself can be intimidating, especially if you do not have a career support system. Amway was founded in 1959 and has since given many individuals the opportunity to further their business successes.

With the business being around for so many years, it is natural that there are many myths about Amway. Amway was one of the first businesses to adjust to changing work culture trends. Through selling quality products, this direct selling organization has helped over 3 million people achieve business ownership. The company is quickly growing and will continue to be a significant method of small business ownership.

Marketing Professionals

Although many colleges do offer marketing degrees, a degree is not a necessity to providing advertising and marketing services to others. With more people choosing self-employment over a traditional college degree, marketing services are more in demand than ever before. With a more competitive market, many small businesses are willing to pay for both traditional and digital marketing services.

Learning the necessary marketing skills that business professionals need the most can allow you to become your own boss. Important skills to master include content, mobile, social media, online public relations, paid search, and big data marketing. There are also many educational opportunities available online to further your marketing knowledge without having to complete a four-year college degree.

Personal Trainer

If you have a passion for health and fitness, becoming a personal trainer can be a fulfilling way to become your own boss. Personal trainers assist clients in reaching their health goals. Trainers might work in local gyms, health clubs, or on their own. Most of the personal trainer employment opportunities allow you to create your own schedule and fitness routines.

Getting credentials can help market your personal training services, but they’re not always necessary. However, it is important to have a good understanding of the anatomy of the human body as well as expert knowledge of fitness. Taking courses in CPR and first aid can also be helpful. Many personal trainers choose to go into a fitness specialty to better master their skills and provide their clients with more successful results.

There are many perks to being your own boss. You get to make your own schedule, be in control of your own success, and personally reap the rewards of your hard work. A college degree is no longer a requirement for achieving self-employment.

Published: May 17, 2018

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