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How to Make Driving for Ride-Sharing Apps a Profitable Side Hustle

By: Becky Wilson


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Ride-sharing apps have become a fixture in the transportation industry. While subways and other modes of public transportation continue to be an affordable method of getting around, Uber and Lyft have certainly made life easier. 

If you are looking to make extra cash, you can consider becoming a rideshare driver. But let’s be clear, the competition is fierce. Just knowing how to drive is not enough to get a good rating. In this post, we’re sharing effective tips that will help you succeed as a driver for ride-sharing apps. Take a look. 

Drive During Rush Hours

You should figure out the busiest hours when people seek ride-sharing services. Typically, you can expect a high demand during mornings and evenings on weekdays. On the other hand, it is easier to find passengers at night or afternoons on the weekends. 

Deal with Tickets

Even if you consider yourself to be a great driver, getting tickets is inevitable. But at times, you may get a ticket for a violation that you didn’t commit. If that’s the case, don’t sit back and pay for this unfair ticket. You can download the WinIt app, which allows you to contest unjust parking and traffic tickets.

Manage Your Finances

Monitoring your mileage, paying attention to fuel costs, and keeping track of your earnings are just a few things you need to stay on top of. Managing your finances is crucial to prevent losing money while driving.

Connect with Other Drivers

If you are facing a problem specific to your location, you can join local Facebook groups to connect with other rideshare drivers in the area. They can provide you with useful advice and help you improve your service.

Drive for Multiple Companies

At first, booking back-to-back rides and navigating through the city can be quite overwhelming. But you will eventually get the hang of it. Once you are comfortable with the service, you can think about driving for multiple rideshare services. You can also drive for food delivery services like Postmates and DoorDash.

Provide Exceptional Customer Care

A good rating encourages passengers to keep a ride and increases your potential to earn more on the app. Do you want to get a five-star rating for every ride you complete? Apart from greeting the customer, you can further enhance their experience by offering bottled water, phone chargers, gum, and even snacks.

Don’t Overwork

There’s no doubt that you can make more money by driving for long hours. But if being a rideshare driver is your side hustle, then you need to understand your capabilities. You can’t possibly attend classes till the afternoon and then drive all night. Sleep deprivation makes you prone to getting into accidents. Try to get proper rest before accepting rides.

Stay in the City

It is a lot easier to book rides in a city than in the suburbs. People are going to work, partying on the weekends, and always looking for rides. You can find passengers easily and quickly. 

Be Prepared for Intoxicated Passengers

Though driving at night on weekends is a great way to make the most of surge prices, it’s not all roses. One in a while, you will come across an intoxicated passenger on the verge of puking. And the last thing you want is them throwing all over your car seats and ruining your night of driving. In addition to keeping a vomit bag, you should always have cleaning supplies in your car in case things go haywire. 

Wrapping Up

Most of the aforementioned tips offer easy ways to improve your performance and take your skills to the next level. Hopefully, you find them helpful to get better tips and book more rides.

Published: November 8, 2021

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