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Learn How to Get Organized

By: Deb Bixler


Learn How to Get Organized

Say: I am an organizational genius!!

The power of positive thought does work but if you said that your conscious mind would say: No you are not!!

The first step in learning how to get organized is to make a decision to do so and start changing your thought processes around the topic using positive mantras that you don’t argue with inside your head.

Such as:

  • I am in training to be organized!
  • I am in the process of getting organized!
  • I am getting better and better at being organized!
  • I am learning how to get organized!

The process is not something your conscious mind will argue with so it will work!

Say them all every day—out loud—five times a day!!

How to Get Organized

From there it is a tough topic to teach because everyone’s personality is unique and different organizational skills appeal to different people.

Some people prefer a technological solution and others prefer a more hands-on approach. I am sort of a combination of both.

On another post we discuss how a system to organize your office using binders, both physical and virtual folders will merge the techie and the physical parts of the office.

If you are not using a virtual contact management system you may also want to check out our page on direct sales tools to learn our recommended technology assists specifically designed for the direct seller.

7 Tips to Get Organized

  1. Keep Danger Zones Tidy: I am sure that you know where the hot spots are. What area of your office is most prone to clutter?! Make a decision to keep that area cleaned up at all times to avoid the contagious effect of disorganization.
  2. If You Touch It Do It: This is a caterer’s technique of organizing a remote party location. If you have to move a container of gravy while looking for the hors d’ oeuvre, then put the gravy in the sauce pot! This will work in your office too…. When you take the mail out of the mailbox, throw away the junk, put the bills on the bill shelf, and read the rest—deal with it!
  3. Use the Mise En Place Concept: Chefs use a practice of always having their mise en place (French for stuff in place) ready. Don’t start a project without laying out all the necessary tools to get the job done.
  4. Check & Deal with Email Daily: While some may say that email is dead, in the business world it is not. When you do a daily sweep of the email account, address all actionable emails and delete the rest it will become a quick and non-stressful event. (It will also generate income!)
  5. Delegate: Delegate, delegate, delegate tasks—to family, team and outside sources. It will be more financially and organizationally beneficial to delegate the house cleaning to an outside contractor than it would be to hire an office assistant!
  6. Put Profit Before Playing Office: Direct sellers often forget to prioritize their activities for the purpose of generating cash flow. Ask yourself periodically:Am I generating income or just playing office?
  7. Don’t Recreate The Wheel: Your home office already invested in systems that will work so use them!!

I really cannot tell you how to get organized other than begin by saying you are in the process to do so, then apply the tips to your life and do research to find the tech tools that work best for you.

The simple act of changing your head game in regard to organization will assist you in the actions necessary to get organized!

Published: January 23, 2017

Source: Create a Cash Flow Show

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