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Commercial Real Estate Platform Truss Launches in Austin to Help Startups and Small & Medium Sized Businesses Find & Lease Office Space

By: Tom Smith


Truss Launches in Austin

February 23, Austin, TX — Austin-based startups and small & medium sized businesses (SMBs) can now use AI-based Truss to find and lease their next office space with confidence. The Truss platform significantly simplifies and personalizes the office-search process for local business owners looking for spaces under 10,000 square feet.  Endeavor Real Estate, CBRE and Transwestern are already utilizing the platform to list and market their properties to verified tenants in Austin.

Truss uses its AI-based chatbot, Vera, to gather and analyze tenant requirements and preferences to create a list of properties that will match the customer’s needs. Business owners will appreciate that throughout the process, Vera communicates in easy-to-understand, familiar language instead of terms used by traditional brokers. Vera shares all-in monthly costs from the start, which is what SMBs really want to know to meet their monthly budget.

Once tenants have narrowed their list of available properties from Vera, they are then able to virtually tour the spaces without leaving their desk. These 3D tours coupled with the platform’s total price transparency cuts down the number of property tours by 50 percent, ultimately speeding up the process for everyone involved.

Recently named number one in the CNBC Metro 20: America’s Best Places to Start a Business, Austin is an attractive market for Truss. With several surrounding universities, the city has a well-educated and diverse workforce, a big draw for employers and engine for growth. Also, Austin Chamber recently stated that Austin’s overall economic activity is expanding at a rapid pace, gaining 7.4% in the last 12 months.

“The city of Austin has essentially exploded over the last few years, with startups and small businesses popping up across town and needing office space,” says Brenda Ridnour, Regional Senior Vice President, Business Development & Tenant Services at Truss. “The new developments and amenities in the East Side are attracting more and more tech companies, while the Arboretum continues to attract small businesses who want more bang for their buck. With all the city’s growth, there is a clear need for Truss by local business owners who are unfamiliar with the process of finding and leasing office space.”

Truss makes a complex business transaction very simple and transparent for small business owners leasing space for their business. The Truss platform speeds up the leasing workflow for everyone. Landlords and their agents now spend less time answering common questions to already-qualified tenants, and tenants don’t waste time touring office spaces that aren’t a fit. The platform even helps SMBs through the negotiation and leasing processes, which can be very time-consuming for business owners who need to focus on running their business.

Like all commercial real estate brokers, Truss is paid a commission by the landlord when a lease is signed. The commission is shared back with the customer.

About Truss

Truss empowers startups and small and medium sized businesses to find and lease their next office space with confidence. Its efficient AI-based platform personalizes the office-search process, making it easy to virtually tour spaces and decide where to move to next. More information about Truss and how to rent office space is available at https://www.truss.co.

Published: March 1, 2018

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