There are an increasing number of small to medium businesses choosing to rent managed or serviced office space rather than opening their own offices. This can have a number of benefits including cost savings, access to additional equipment and allowing business owners to do their part when it comes to being environmentally friendly. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of choosing to use a managed office for your business.

Keeping the Cost of Overheads Down 
One of the biggest advantages of choosing to use managed office space is that it allows small business owners to slash the cost of their overheads. There is no capital investment needed to buy or lease office space and all of the furniture and equipment that comes along with it. Managed offices are already fully equipped with everything you need and also provide additional services such as reception desks, support services and access to meeting rooms.
On the surface, the monthly rental cost may look expensive in comparison to renting a traditional office, but when you factor in the additional costs of having to buy furniture and hire staff you will see that managed office space presents a far more cost effective solution for your business. In fact, a recent study carried out by The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply suggests that businesses making use of managed office facilities can save up to 50% on operating costs.
Reducing the Cost to the Environment 
Using managed offices is also a great way for the small business to operate at a much more eco-friendly level. Since several small to medium businesses in a managed office complex are sharing resources, the impact on the environment can be much less. There is the opportunity for a reduction in the amount of energy used when several businesses are pooling resources. 
In fact, many providers are now specifically designing office space which is designed with the environment in mind allowing businesses to reduce their own carbon footprints. A spokesperson from Ecotect Architects recently said, “Being designed for energy efficiency, the utility costs at eco-friendly service office facilities are much lower than normal, the air is fresher, and the ambiance is light, bright and quiet.” There are many serviced office buildings which are also putting in features to encourage their tenants to be greener. One example of this is the trend for installing shower facilities and bicycle parking to encourage commuters to cycle to work and cut pollution.
Small businesses often find that many recycling programs and other green initiatives can be cost prohibitive when they are going it alone, but when part of a group using a managed office complex, it can provide better access to such initiatives allowing these businesses to up their own green credentials through collaboration with other small business owners.
Creating a Great First Impression
Many of the small business owners who decide to make use of managed offices would otherwise end up working out of a home office. However, this is not an ideal solution if you need to meet with clients. Ask yourself what creates a better first impression : inviting a potential client into your home, or inviting them into a fully serviced meeting room complete with a smiling receptionist to greet them? This can be invaluable to your business.
Even if you are not in a business which requires you to meet clients, the chances are fair that you will need to provide a mailing address. If you can provide a professional sounding address in a dedicated office building, it will create a better impression than a residential address.
These represent just a few of the many different benefits that come alongside renting a suite in a managed office complex. The cost savings alone are enough to justify choosing this over your own office and when you factor in the other advantages it seems like a great idea.