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What Can We Learn from the Success of Apple Press Events?

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When companies launch a new product, and they get it right, they can have customers lining up for miles out of the door to purchase their fancy new “must have” item. Unfortunately, not everyone gets it right the first time. Apple is a company that very much sets the standard when it comes to launching new products and have revolutionized the modern marketing and PR landscape.

From the iPad launch to the recent buzz surrounding the new Apple watch, Apple have taught us a number of ways to run perfectly timed, eye catching and memorable press events which many of us can learn from. Check out these top tips gleaned from some of Apple’s best product launches:
1. Surprise and Delight
Don’t let things leak. Be subtle about releasing product specifications and begin by keeping info to a very superficial level. Keep a sense of mystery, and gradually reveal more details as the clock counts down to launch.
Create intrigue. Apple is doing a great job of this with the upcoming launch of their new Apple Watch. All that is written on their website is the following: “A device you wear is vastly different from one you keep on a desk or carry in your pocket. It’s more than a tool. It’s a true expression of your personal taste.” This messaging instantly creates intrigue. You want to know what is meant by “an expression of my personal taste.” Does Apple really understand what I want? You want to find out.
2. Get Personal
Connect to why. Apple’s late, great leader Steve Jobs was an excellent presenter, who captivated his audience on many occasions. He never dressed particularly wildly and he avoided alienating his audience with technical jargon. What made Jobs so legendary was his unrivalled ability to connect with his audience and identify the needs of his target market. Any tech company can create some innovative products, but with Apple we felt a personal connection to the leader and a desire to explore the company’s range of products.
3. Be Bold
Apple’s products are distinctly simple and sleek in design, so their marketing needs to match this. The company does this very effectively and in fact use very little words when it comes to marketing, relying mainly on striking images and symbols. Its trademark logo is a great example of its marketing simplicity. Being able to explain the properties of a product with such simplicity in accessible language is instrumental is Apple’s success. Bold, minimalistic design appears to be the way forward.
4. Speech Patterns
Remember the power of 3. Public speaking professionals will always argue that this technique is key to any speech where the speaker is expected to establish a lasting impression. The power of 3 can be defined as delivering three pieces of information in the form of a formulaic and memorable soundbite in order to spell out an important message and leave a mark on your audience. Apple will include this speech pattern in almost all of their press talks and, if your soundbites are catchy enough, you have every chance of emulating their success.
5. Make Sure the Price is Right
Pricing strategy is always a tricky aspect of any product launch. Many prefer to race to the bottom of the pricing ladder in order to ensure units sell, but Apple will always tailor the price of their products towards a market who can bear the cost. Although Apple’s price ranges can be considered “high end” because of the quality of their technology, they always weigh up the market competition and ensure that their prices are never more than twice what their competitors charge.
Author: Jamie Hughes is an Account Manager at Speakers Corner, the UK’s leading after dinner speakers bureau. Jamie has worked with entrepreneurs across a range of industries and is now responsible for organizing start-up advice workshops, conferences and round table discussions with all types of small businesses. Twitter: @Speakers_Corner
Published: March 31, 2015

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