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Laithwaites Wines Takes a Page from Amazon

By: Ryan Healy


One easy way to find ideas for improving your business is to study dominant businesses in other markets. Many times you can adopt a strategy or technique and apply it directly to your own business.

It seems that’s what Laithwaites Wines has done. They’ve taken the Amazon Prime model and applied it to their own business. Amazon Prime Members pay an annual fee of of $79. In exchange, they get unlimited 2-day shipping on tens of thousands of items. They also enjoy unlimited instant streaming of 41,000 movies and TV episodes, as well as the ability to “borrow” 350,000 Kindle titles for free.
But the main benefit of Prime is the free 2-day shipping.
Now Laithwaites has introduced the Laithwaites Wine UNLIMITED membership. For just $89, you get free shipping on all wine orders of 12 bottles or more for an entire year. Sound familiar?
Here’s the ride-along I received with my last wine order that announces the new membership.
I have been a Laithwaites 4 Seasons member for about a year now. I get four shipments of wine a year, one each quarter. The shipping charge on each 12-bottle order is $19.99. So I’m already paying $80 a year in shipping. For just ten dollars more I get unlimited shipping.
It’s a tempting offer, isn’t it?
Because I might then take advantage of one or more of Laithwaites’ special offers they send me throughout the year. (I haven’t yet, but I have wanted to.) I might also send some wine as a gift to an out-of-state client or relative.
Anyway, the Amazon Prime model has been a smashing success. And I can only assume the Laithwaites Wines UNLIMITED delivery program will produce similar positive results.
Always remember to study businesses outside your market. The idea that catapults your business to the next level could be right around the corner.
This article was originally published by Ryan Healy
Published: October 30, 2013

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