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How to Incorporate Video into Your SaaS Marketing Funnel

How to Incorporate Video into Your SaaS Marketing

Video holds a particular appeal, serves a specific need, and creates a unique competitive advantage for SaaS companies. You do not have to be a marketing expert to see the impact video has had on consumer trends.

My favorite example is easily the cellphone. With mobile browsing accounting for 71% of time spent online in the US, and video making up a large percentage of that, smart phone manufacturers have had to adapt. Today, we are far past the times of the smaller the cellphone the better and have shifted to “how big can you make the screen I carry in my pocket?”

Why Your SaaS Company Should Invest in Video

For marketing, video has shifted from being an up-and-coming risk to a bonafide strategic tool. Did you know that 90% of surveyed consumers report that videos help inform their buying decisions? And that 36% of online consumers consider video ads to be trustworthy? The numbers are clear, video is changing how we shop across markets. But why should your SaaS company care?

  • Explain your software easier. Use video to make complex tech messages easy to understand.
  • Differentiate your brand. Use creative video to distinguish yourself from competitors.

Videos make it easier for your prospects to understand what your software does and how to use it.

It is incredibly difficult for prospects to purchase a software without gaining a fairly complete understanding of how it works and feeling confident that they will be able to use it themselves. The traditional way to overcome that hurdle was to give countless personal demos to every prospect who showed an initial interest.

Instead, use video to make complex tech messages easy to understand. Whether it’s your overview video or your product explainer video, take the opportunity to capture their interest and show them how your software can solve their problems.

Videos can help you differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Another common problem that SaaS companies run into when marketing and selling their services is market competition. More times than not, your software is a better version of something that already exists.

Use creative video to distinguish yourself from competitors. For example, if you know your cloud messaging software has the best integration capabilities on the market, create a short video focusing on that key differentiating factor. Consider making it fun and humorous (maybe a cheeky “We’re not picky” campaign).

How To Incorporate Video Into Your SaaS Marketing Funnel

Start with content you already have.

Odds are you have some content laying around in another format that could work really well as a video. One that we often recommend to clients is taking previously created FAQ content and turning those into short videos. They are easy to shoot, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, and you get a lot of bang for your buck by using one campaign effort to create several videos.

Create an animated overview video.

Animation is not necessarily a cheap option, but it is easy on your part to create. Internally decide what features you want to highlight. Write a short script that explains them. Then work with an animation team to bring your words to life.

You can find great agencies or freelance animation artists that will be able to take what you wrote and make it visually compelling. Use the overview video on your homepage and landing pages to increase conversions.

Record a screencast for your on-demand demo.

Having an on-demand demo available for prospects in the buying phase is crucial. But with an ever-changing user interface the worry of creating a video that will later be obsolete is valid.

Instead, start with a recording of a screencast that is easy to re-create and re-share when your software changes. It can be done completely in-house with any web conference platform that offers recording. Make sure the audio syncs up well with the visuals and you are ready to launch your demo.

Share all of it on social!

Consider every single video you create a multi-purpose content piece. Share the FAQ videos on social to start building yourself as a thought leader in your space. Prospects will remember that you answered the questions they may not have even thought to ask yet. Use the animated short video, or clips of it, for video ads.

Google’s video advertising has seriously upgraded recently and social advertising’s (creepy but effective) audience targeting mean that you can get your video ad directly to who needs to see it. Post links to your landing page to view the on-demand demo everywhere. Share it organically and link to it from your ads.

Video has changed the way we consume content and distribute content. Take advantage of this new shift to solve the problems of SaaS marketing that companies have struggled with in the past. Start by making the commitment to incorporating video, then worry about the how.

Hopefully that makes video additions to your marketing seem at least a little less daunting. Try it out. You don’t know what your or your team’s capabilities are until you start.

Published: August 8, 2017

Source: Adhere Creative

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