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Get the Most Out of Marketing with Your Small Business

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To effectively market to your customers and potential customers, you need to know what will have the greatest impact. This is often achieved through data about your customers. With today’s technology, even small businesses have tools that allow them to collect large amounts of data. The problem arises when they have all of this information but don’t know what to do with it.

Right Integration Tools

The answer to the problem lies in finding the right data integration tools. Instead of having large amounts of unorganized data, the right tools turn it into customer-centric information that can help a small business achieve its goals.

These tools take data from various sources and combine them into understandable information that is usable. The data can come from databases, spreadsheets, Web APIs and other locations. It can often be restructured into a different format that is more user-friendly.

Here is an example of how these tools can improve marketing of small businesses. A potential customer signs up for free information. He or she inputs their email address and possibly some other information that is stored away. As this customer shops and makes purchases on a site, this information is stored in a different location.

Integration tools can take all of that information and create a clear picture of the person that marketers can use to create individual emails and other targeted marketing methods. This increases the likelihood that the person will respond positively to your communication.

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Improved Demographics Information

As the article “How Data Integration Tools Can Turbocharge Your Marketing” says, they can enhance the demographic information you collect. For instance, if you learn a person’s zip code and his or her favorite products, you can target ads to them that pertain specifically to them.

The more information you can collect from customers, the better your marketing efforts. But that only works if you can use the data in a beneficial way. Data integration tools take all of the information you have collected and present it in a way that you can utilize to create marketing strategies that are more targeted.

Compete with the Big Guys

In many ways, small businesses cannot compete with larger corporations. They often don’t have the funds for expensive advertising campaigns. However, many of these data integration tools are affordable and allow businesses to create custom ads for their customers. They can capitalize on the idea of personal service that small businesses are often known for.

Customers like to feel that they are special instead of just another number or name on a list. By using these tools, companies can provide that feeling in their communications and marketing to their customers. By integrating the information they accumulate, they create a more rewarding and positive experience for the customers and encourage loyalty and referrals. In essence, data integration tools can give your marketing the edge and ensure a better return on investment.

Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including business and technology.

Published: August 27, 2014

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