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How to Track Sales Calls and Increase Conversions

How to Track Sales Calls and Increase Conversions

Whether you have an established business or a growing one, sales calls are an essential part of your success. According to a Bright Local survey, 60 percent of customers still prefer to call businesses as part of their online search.

However, to translate calls from prospects to sales, you’ll need to track them. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know where to start when it comes to call tracking and lead management.

Here’s a quick guide to help you get started.

1. Choose Sales Call-Tracking Software

To track incoming sales calls, you’ll need call tracking software. Ideally, you want software that can track calls from different sources. This makes it easier to access and evaluate the data to increase conversions. To determine the best sales call tracking software for your business, consider the following:

a) Business Needs

Consider what your business needs are and what kind of leads you receive. Check whether you need additional features such as call recording, interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distribution (ACD), or partnership call management. Choose call tracking software that offers these additional features and can be easily customized according to your business needs.

b) Sales Call Data

Depending on your business, consider the number of calls you’re likely to receive every day. Look for the software that can handle it. If you anticipate there will be lots of calls, you are better off choosing software that can be integrated with your call systems instead of one that requires the data to be keyed in manually.

2. Monitor the Source of Your Call Leads

To increase call conversions, you need to review your lead management tools.

Call leads can come from different sources, and you’ll need a structure to manage these leads. Customers will call your business after getting your number from various sources such as paid ads, referrals, your website, and other channels. Track results from the promotions you have implemented to find out which ones are bringing in the most leads.

You can track lead sources through call tracking software that gathers customer call data, including the caller’s number, call duration, and a recording of their call.

Lead tracking tools help you collect call data which you can use to prepare tracking reports. Then you can evaluate new opportunities, optimize your sales calls, and identify the marketing campaigns that are working.

3. Get a Customized Demo

Before getting call tracking software, learn more about its features and functionality by requesting a free customized demo. Experts will help you get a personalized software overview tailored to your business needs. They will show how call tracking software will help your business and improve your ROI.

4. Implement Your Call Tracking System

When you implement the new system, you’ll have to train your sales team how to use it. Then you’ll have to allocate each person responsibilities. For instance, you’ll need to assign different call lead sources to various team members to nurture and turn it to a sale.

You’ll also need to monitor different aspects of your sales call tracking system. Every team member should know how to generate reports that can help you evaluate the performance of the system so that you can make better sales decisions.

5. Assign Your Call Leads Appropriately

Instead of manually assigning leads, use lead tracking software to automatically distribute and assign leads to the right team members so that they can close them successfully.

Automating the lead distribution and assignment process will help you save time and effort, so you can work on more “big picture” strategy decisions that will impact the growth and success of your business.

6. Nurture and Prioritize Your Leads

Lead nurturing helps to turn prospects into customers. Make sure your sales team is following up and trying to convert leads. You can track these lead nurturing activities through call recording, email tracking, and website engagement.

Lead prioritization helps you know which leads you should focus on first. Lead scoring and prioritization tool ranks your leads by behavior and characteristics. You can also customize your lead scoring system according to your business needs.

Follow the steps above to effectively track sales calls and increase conversions. Using call tracking software and a lead management platform will help you stay organized and track important metrics to gain data-driven insights into your marketing campaigns.

Published: August 29, 2019

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