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Don’t End the Perfect Sale with Unreliable or Unsafe Delivery Methods

By: Zak Goldberg


Dont End the Perfect Sale with Unreliable Delivery

Internet shopping has taken the world by storm; a whole variety of products and services are now available for people all over the world to purchase at the click of a button. This is great news for retailers who can now offer their products to billions of people; digital marketing can enhance this further by targeting specific groups of people based on their gender, age, hobbies and interests.

Looking After Your Clients

As an entrepreneur, you care passionately about many issues. However, ensuring your customer is happy with your product or service should feature very highly on your list of priorities. Building good customer care into your business model can help to generate trust, consumer confidence and a strong reputation for your business.

You can do everything right: you have a great product to sell at a sensible price; the customer can find the product easily and learn all they need to know about it; and your business operates with customer service at the heart of all you do—this includes after-sales.

However, it could all fall apart at the last hurdle…

Follow Your Quality Service All the Way Through

The final piece of the jigsaw is about to slot into place; you are ready to dispatch your item to the customer. But this is the easy bit—it’s in someone else’s hands after all, so you can wash your hands of whatever happens to it now, right?

Absolutely not! First of all, the quality of your packaging says a lot about your business—having poor quality or inadequate packaging will lead your customers to question whether you really care about them or not. This could lead to negative customer feedback which could damage your business’ reputation. But think about the potential consequences of that poor packaging—the item could be broken in transit, meaning you may have to dispatch a replacement; this all costs unnecessary money and time, your most precious assets as a business owner.

Your service extends to the moment your item reaches your customer. Therefore it is important to consider the quality of the courier you choose to deliver it. You need a reliable courier who won’t let you down. You need one that offers modern services—including tracking and integration with e-commerce channels. And you need one that will be cost-effective for your business, given the competitive nature of e-commerce, you don’t want to be ripped off!

Find a courier who can match your business’ level of service; service compatibility is vital to ensure the service your customer receives is seamless. It also gives you peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands!

Remember: don’t compromise on quality at any stage of your business transactions.

What do you do to ensure your customers receive seamless service? Let us know below!

Published: May 10, 2018

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