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Avoid 3 Types of Customers to Make Your Life Easier

Avoid 3 Types of Customers

While we have all heard the customer is always right, and that is generally the case, there are some types of customers that just need to be fired. They do nothing but drag down our ability to offer quality customer service and fair pricing to other customers. They can suck the life right out of a business, and the money too.

Data Vampires

These guys will prey on your expertise and experience with no intention of making a purchase. You will notice a lot of misleading when it comes to making a sale, with many more questions asked than dollars spent. If you are offering services similar to those you would normally charge for, take the time to consider whether your time is really worth a sale that may or may not happen. Could your time be better spent with other customers? If you have others ready and willing to buy, the answer is probably yes.

Double Agents

Customers like this already have their minds made up, and they are not really your customer at all. They are planning to purchase elsewhere, but want your best price to take to the competition in hopes of a better deal. They are hard to spot, but if you can get them to tell you who you are competing with, you may be better able to make an informed cost-benefit analysis about your time spent with a “customer” of this type.

The Strong Arm

These guys try to strong arm you into more for less. While negotiating is a way of life in the sales community, there is a point where enough is enough. If you have given all you have to give, the customer is still not happy, and others are on deck and ready to go, let them walk and put your time where the money is.

Published: April 8, 2016

Source: Biz2Credit

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