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5 Easy Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Business

By: Ed Smith


Easy Ways to Maximize Space

No shop, restaurant or any retail space can succeed without using the space that they have in an intelligent way. This can be straightforward when you have a lot of space to work with but that’s not something most businesses are blessed with. So, if you only have a small store or office, then how can you maximize space? Read on for a few ideas.

1. Entry

First, you should think about the entry to the store, as you will need to make the store as enticing as possible from outside. This means that you need to have a clear space for customers to walk into when they enter; otherwise they will be deterred as the shop will seem cramped and stressful. Additionally, make sure that the windows are as transparent as possible and not filled with advertisements (you can do this instead with a sandwich board).

2. Set Clear Walkways

Visitors to the store need to be able to navigate the store with ease so that they can easily browse the products on sale and not feel trapped. You can do this by establishing clear walkways throughout the store which are formed by rows of products. This will allow a customer to easily walk around the premises and stop people from bumping into one another.

3. Use Compact Furniture

You can usually find compact furniture equipment and furniture for a shop or restaurant which will help you to maximize space. As an example, commercial dishwashers are ideal for those with limited bar or room space and can fit neatly under a counter.

4. Use the Walls

Another great solution for maximizing space is utilizing the walls as storage space. You can fit a huge amount of stock by utilizing shelving going upwards, which can also make it easier for customers to view the products on offer—just be sure to have a ladder that you use to get the products down for them (you do not want them climbing up a ladder).

5. Create the Illusion of Space

You can also make a shop or restaurant seem bigger than it is by maximizing natural light and by using mirrors. This will make any area seem bigger and brighter which can change people’s perception of a space even though it is still the same size. People will not want to stay in a shop or restaurant which feels cramped or claustrophobic so you need to find ways to make the space feel larger.

It is challenging when your business does not have much space to work with. You must be thoughtful and intelligent when it comes to layout and floor space so that you can create a welling environment which allows customers to feel comfortable and able to look around—the above tips should help you to achieve this.

Published: July 19, 2019

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