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The Benefits of Holding Your Own Convention

By: Lisa Patrick



A convention is a gathering of individuals who meet at a designated time and location for the purpose of engaging in a common field of interest. Conventions usually serve specific purposes, or concentrate on specialized areas. Academic conventions concentrate on a particular area in that field of knowledge, whereas trade conventions focus on a newly launched product or discuss new policies and trade regulations. Businesses have conventions all the time.

A convention is sometimes a large-scale event with organized meetings. In most situations, a professional organization is hired to arrange and manage a convention for a client organization. But holding your own conventions has its own advantages. It is remarkably more efficient, and surprisingly easier than you think.
The Location of Your Choice
When you attend a traditional convention, they will make crucial decisions about the specific agenda, topics to be covered, speakers, venue, etc. This is fine, but it leaves you very little choice. You must find and attend a conference that mostly suits your needs, and it may or may not be in location that has any interest for you.
Typically, with traditional conventions, the venue has to be centrally located and accessible to a majority of its prospective attendees. If it is a national convention, then it will be preferable if the convention center also has facilities for the accommodation of the members of the convention. If you are organizing your own convention, you can make the smartest decision regarding the choice of venue, keeping in mind all the relevant factors of the agenda. You can pick a place that perfectly suits your needs.
Another factor is the nature of the venue that the convention requires. All conventions require a specific kind of venue that can provide all the facilities necessary to fulfill its needs. If it’s a corporate convention for your staff, then a hotel or a retreat resort is a perfect venue choice, as it is sophisticated, luxurious, and apt. For a product launch or larger sales convention, a convention center, a hall, or an auditorium would be ideal.
Network Whenever You Want
Networking is of paramount importance when a convention is being organized, whether it is networking regarding publicity or networking for hiring required resources. When this responsibility is not in your own hands, the result is almost never satisfactory. No one knows or perceives your needs as well as you do. You can comfortably handle the networking yourself, especially with the help of a team under you. You can network whenever you want.
Tax Benefits
Even when you plan your own convention meetings, the expenses incurred are legitimate income tax deductions. There are no tax laws against adding a personal trip in the end, middle, or beginning of your business trip. Normally, a business trip must have an expectation of revenue. Typically, that means you can claim travel expenses when you visit a client, for example. With a personalized convention you can make travelling anywhere a tax deduction. We will help you grow your business, by getting work done while you’re away. We will make sure everything is documented properly, and guide you the whole way.
Having your own conference is beneficial in many ways. You need to ensure that you organize everything efficiently and make full use of a personalized business convention.
This article was originally published by Convention Business Travel
Published: August 5, 2013

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