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Every Local Business Needs Review Cards

Every Local Business Needs Review Cards

If you market your local business online, you need review cards. They stand out, they get noticed, they drum up more business.

Ever searched for the best restaurant in your area? You’ll probably find that the top listings have a load of reviews that testify to the fact they’re the best; that’s no coincidence.

Reviews play a big role in ranking businesses on Google, Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages, and industry directories.

If you visit one of these top restaurants you may notice they do a good job of encouraging reviews. At the end of your meal, you may be given a review card along with the bill.

Local businesses who have the best online ratings (and online rankings) often play an active role in getting new reviews. If their competition wait for their customers to leave a review on their own accord, they’ll be left behind.

The Review Card Does a Few Things:

It applies social pressure

The customer knows that others are being asked to leave a review. Do they want to be the people who don’t?

It’s familiar (sometimes)

People feel more comfortable when they’re familiar with things. Such as a recognizable logo from Trip Advisor or Yelp etc..

It gets noticed 

Humans are curious creatures. If we are given something, we will probably want to know what it is. Especially if it’s made of card instead of paper!

Don’t wait for reviews to come naturally

Online reviews can be difficult to come by. If you wait for customers to write a review for you, you could be waiting some time, meanwhile, your competitors might be jumping ahead.

Review cards are an inexpensive way to remind and encourage customers to take action. It doesn’t take much effort to hand them out to customers; they can fit in your pocket or wallet. You can give customers a review card with their invoice, receipt.

The function of a review card

Like business cards, review cards vary in their content; they might include:

  • Instructions for leaving a review
  • An incentive for keeping the card (NOT for the review itself)
  • A QR code which opens the online review page
  • Indication of where you would like the review: Google, Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages etc..

How to get review cards?

Despite their value, review cards aren’t really a “thing.” Some review platforms provide them, but there are limited options to get your hands on some.

  • Order from a specialist website – Such as cards
  • Create them yourself – Design in photoshop or Vistaprint like a business card
  • Order from a review platform (Such as Trip Advisor)
Published: May 23, 2019

Source: Elvin Web Marketing

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