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Event Tips and Tools for 2017

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Each year it’s important for event professionals to look to the year ahead and plan for future trends. With the ever-changing technology landscape, it’s a no-brainer that one must be up to date with all of the current trends. Here we detail our tips and tools that event planners should be aware of for 2017:

The importance of mobile devices and paperless events

Mobile devices dominate our internet usage and purchasing habits, therefore it’s important that your event website and ticketing sales are optimized for mobile devices. The same goes for the issuing of tickets; there is an increased demand for paperless events so the option of delivering tickets directly to a mobile device should be available.

Live streaming

With the rise of professional streaming tools like Periscope, Facebook Live and Instagram Stories – there’s a greater trend towards people watching live-streamed events. This presents a new way for event managers to connect with fans and broaden their audience. Studies have also shown that a large percentage of people who watch a live stream of an event will then go on to attend the event in person next time.

Tracking attendee behavior

By tracking attendee behavior and gathering event data analytics attendee experience can be greatly enhanced. The use of RFID wristbands (radio frequency identification) reduces ticket fraud and can provide a cash-free payment option inside event perimeters as well as monitor live attendee movements around the event.

Health trends

With wellbeing and mindfulness being the antidote to modern day stresses these days, event managers cannot help but take note. There’s a higher demand for healthier eating options at events as well as catering for a wider variety of needs and preferences. This includes offering more gluten free varieties or more exciting varieties of non-alcoholic drinks for example.

Experience is the new black

Yep that’s right, experience is the new black, cookie cutter, mundane events are out. People no longer want to simply “attend” an event; they want an experience. Think less merchandise and trinkets and focus more on offering an experience for your guests in exchange for their attendance. This could be as simple as offering more engaging activities for guests at your event. Be innovative and give them something that they want before they even realized that they wanted it.

Social Media

If you’re not already using social media for your events then you’ve probably come a bit late to the party. Event organizers should be using social media before, during and after an event.

Promote your event on all primary social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in particular) and be prepared to pay money to reach your audiences especially on Facebook and Instagram.

During your event be sure to provide an official hashtag for use at the event and make sure that your attendees know about it. Ensure that you have a staff member dedicated to Tweeting, Instagraming and Facebooking all the action of your event using the dedicated hashtag.

Share, comment and like the posts from your guests. Have a dedicated social page (Facebook event) where guests can go to get information before, after and during the event and also upload their own posts about the event. After the event you can then use this page to request feedback from attendees.

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Published: December 12, 2016

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