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Always in Good Form

By: Bob Burg


Always in Good Form

You’ve now learned the first two Feel-Good Questions as well as the “One KEY Question” that will separate you from practically everyone else.

Here’s one more type of question. They (because there are actually four of them) are called “F-O-R-M” Questions and they simply provide additional questions you can ask that will deeply strengthen the rapport with your new contact.

In this video you’ll discover what each letter stands for, why they are so effective, and how they mesh very nicely with the questions from the previous videos.

After this, you really WILL be a fascinating conversationalist. And you’ll always be in good F-O-R-M!

To read the full transcript of the video click here and then click SHOW MORE in the video description.

Published: February 5, 2020

Source: Bob Burg

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