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5 Tips for Attending an Overseas Business Conference

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Tips for Attending an Overseas Business Conference

When preparing for a business conference overseas, first and foremost; know something about your destination either by reference or Internet research. You should also have the full details about the business conference that you are meant to attend so that you have the right expectations and frame of mind.

Right from the outset, you must be very clear in your mind about the objective of attending this business conference. It therefore means you will set out certain milestones that you will be gunning for and thus it calls for good preparation. Here are five key tips that will make your overseas business conference worth your time and money:

Google up the country, city and venue of the event

Checking for this information will enable have an idea about how far you are traveling, the kind of weather you expect and the general location as well as distance of the venue from the airport.

Knowing a little about your destination also means you will also find out about the language, culture, and etiquette; for example knowing about the British etiquette, as well as appropriate or comfortable dressing.

Establish the currency rates and the airfares

Workout the exchange rate on how much money you will need for airfare, taxi and hotel charges. It is important to know the rate at which your currency converts into the currency of your destination. In this way you have a reasonably sure plan as to the kind of budget you will be working with.

You will also have to establish the airlines that serve your given destination and compare the prices. Some flights are direct, whereas others are connecting; make the choice based on your budget or the amount of time you can afford. You may not mind seeing a little more of the world with a connecting flight through another city.

Find out about visa requirements

Establish whether you require a visa, where you will get it, and how to apply for the same as well as what you are expected to present for such an application. Some foreign consulates have online portals where you can do most of the preliminaries for the visa application, whereas for others you have to make a physical visit and fill out hard copy forms by hand.

Find local agencies in your country offering travel services for your destination

If there is more than one agency, shop around for one with experience and reasonable rates. It will be most convenient if you find a local agency that has a partnering agency in your destination country.

Where you have to make your own accommodation arrangements, even if a travel agency is going to make arrangements for you, it is a good thing to also check out some of the details on the prices, such as for the best places to stay. In this way you have some kind of clue as to what you will expect in terms of rates, prices and quality.

Anticipate the kind of connections you are most likely to make at the conference

The primary benefit of attending a business conference is to make mental, human and corporate connections that will add value to you as a person and to your business.

Where possible, find out about the major corporates in the country of destination and the other companies that will be represented at the conference. This will enable you draw the points of engagement or connections way ahead of your meeting.

Dixie SomersAuthor: Dixie Somers is a freelance writer and blogger for business, home, and family niches. Dixie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful husband.

Published: April 25, 2017

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