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Is Social Media Useful for a Property Valuation Business?

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Just like every other industry, the immense growth of social media has greatly shaped the real estate market. With many homebuyers turning to the internet to search for properties, agents are using these channels at each stage of marketing, from brand building, lead generation, to making sales. If you’re on the property valuation businesses, you can also leverage social media marketing and promotions to grow your business

Want to know how? Well, here are some proven tips for growing your commercial property valuations business on social media:

Use of Video Marketing 

With 97% of marketers using videos to create brand awareness, property valuer can incorporate videos in their social media campaigns to help clients understand their services better.

You can adopt the following ideas:

  • A Facebook live video to expound on your operations
  • A Snapchat story encouraging people to consider property valuation before buying property
  • A YouTube video explaining the process of property valuation

Use Reviews to Gain More Clients

Social media allows people to voice their opinions on the services they receive. If a client is satisfied with the service you offered, they might leave a positive review, and these testimonials will help increase demand for your services. Having excellent reviews is likely to lure more than 62% of online property buyers and lead them to contact the company.

You can display reviews by:

  • Sharing video testimonials of happy clients in your Instagram Stories
  • Have a review tap on Google and Facebook Page showing your star ratings, make sure they are good
  • Retweet reviews in your company’s Twitter page

Engage in Local Online Communities

Using Facebook Groups, you can connect with more local people and turn them into clients. Studies show that more than one billion people are members of at least one Facebook Group. With such a massive number, you will likely meet potential customers.

However, if you are planning to use Facebook groups for marketing your services, make sure you don’t oversell. For example, avoid sharing many links to your sites as this may annoy some members, especially if they have not asked for your services.

The best way to benefit from a Facebook group is to help people by offering free advice. As a result, you will build your reputation and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Use Hashtags to Promote Brand Awareness 

Hashtags are incredibly reliable for increasing your following. For example, if you incorporate hashtags in your twitter posts and the topic trends, many people will see your posting, and you likely get more followers. Whenever necessary, take the chance to interact with your followers via comments and answers their questions as soon as you can.

You can use:

  • Generic hashtags: These can be used by anyone who develops an interest in that topic
  • Branded hashtags: These can only be used by your property valuation company and its followers

With generic hashtags, you can get to people who might not have in a position to see your posts, while branded hashtags will help you to grow your following.

Share great content

A killer content speaks for itself. YES! If you post new content, you will obviously want it to be shared across social channels. However, if your content doesn’t solve the problems or deliver value to your audience, it won’t be shared.

If anyone reacts, comments, likes, or shares anything positive or negative about your business or something you posted, pay close attention to their feeling. You can learn about the interests of your followers by assessing those metrics. You can then use the insight to form a strategy for the future.

The takeaway

Its common sense that the more people know about your company, the more you’ll be able to convert them into loyal clients. Therefore, you can take advantage of the huge number of online users, particularly on social media, to grow your Property Valuation Business.

Published: March 16, 2020

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