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Choosing the Best Scented Candle Packaging to Entice Buyers

By: Louise Harris


Three pieces of hand-scented organic soap, a gift box, and a candle on a wooden countertop.

When you sell hand-made candles, you have to think about shipping those candles to your customers so they arrive without breakage and look appealing. The goal is to bring the customers back to you for more candle purchases.

You should take time to find the ideal packaging and labels to identify your brand and to add value to the candle. The packaging will help to convince the buyers to tell others and to buy more candles when the ones they purchased burn.

Scented hand-made candles are good as gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions. You also could buy them to add a different atmosphere in your home.

What Is Ideal Packaging? 

You want packaging that communicates your feelings and is appealing. It should also protect the product during shipping. Labels should be clearly written and enticing. You want a simple design and as few words on the front as possible. People will look at the labels and decide whether they want to purchase those candles.

There are a number of companies on the Internet that sell candles. Therefore, you need something different in your labels and packaging. You want to think about the value you are presenting in your labels and packaging.

If the packaging you use is the cheapest available, people wiIl make note of that and probably choose your competitor. You have to make the candle look like it is worth the money you are charging. Make the labels and packaging exquisite and high-end. Pick labels that are higher priced. It will pay off for you in the end.

Boxes can change the energy of your candles. Individuals love to improve their living space with scented candles. They make rooms look clean yet inviting and stylish. However, they will pass yours if the candles do not add an ambiance to a room. Also, you could attract buyers who want to provide candles as gifts if you put them in a nice box that looks like a well-thought out gift. 

Brand Identity

As stated previously, boxes and labels make up your brand identity. Therefore, you need to consider the packaging carefully. They are not for moving items from your warehouse to the customer. It is the reflection of your image.

Individuals gauge the value of brands based on their packaging and labels. Standard boxes will not make the statement you crave. You could miss the mark on getting return customers if you don’t put enough thought into the brand identity in your packages. 

When those brands put time and consideration into the packaging, individuals notice and would consider their image the best. They will write you five-star reviews on Google and Amazon and will tell others. That will increase sales for you.

That will improve your reputation as a great candle maker. They will come back to buy more candles. Individuals will consider the value of the candles based on the packaging. Thus, individuals in online business organizations should think about custom peak boxes.

How Does the Packaging Guarantee Safe Shipping? 

During transportation, items go through stockrooms and shipping centers. Different locations and handling will lead to jerks and knocks in transit. If the candles are properly packaged no harm will happen to the item.

However, if you use cheap materials when shipping, you could have damaged or broken goods upon arrival. That will make your customer mad and diminish your brand’s reputation or future sales. They will tell their friends not to buy from you. They might write a bad review on the Internet. If individuals get a damaged package, they won’t choose you again.  

The security of items relies upon the sturdiness of the packaging. Likewise, the strength of packaging relies upon the packaging material. Hence, pick the right packaging materials and be careful on what you use. Here are some packaging materials that can be utilized for packaging.  

Corrugated cardboard is the most commonly used for packaging. It is light in weight, which reduces shipping costs. In addition, to expand the strength of the packaging, you can add a sheet to the cardboard. 

An item needs the right packaging to be protected during conveyance. Corrugated also is recyclable, and you could use recycled materials in your boxes. If you are eco-friendly, your customers would appreciate you more often than not. 

Aside from that, kraft material is a possibility for assembling boxes. It is an eco-accommodating packaging material. Additionally, this material can get ridged layers over it.

You also might want to consider plastic packaging. They could show your candles through the clear window to make it more appealing to customers if they can see what you are selling.

Make Your Image Selective With Printing

Plain packaging without the right printing is boring. It isn’t powerful or a brand identifier. When you add printing, you could stand apart against your competitors. Printing adds to your brand identity, which entices buyers to come back to you and remember you when they see you on shelves or the Internet.

The pre-eminent thing that makes your image perfect is the brand name imprinted on the packaging. It helps to separate your item from different brands in the space. Aside from that, candle boxes are available with wonderful examples and astonishing pictures.  

Published: August 27, 2021

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