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5 Blogging Tips to Get More Leads

By: Synecore


So, you want to create the ideal presence for your company online. While there are many separate factors that play into this, some of the most important are the quality of your content and your blogging activity. Both play heavily into generating leads. Even if you have incredible landing pages or a refined SEO strategy, your inbound marketing strategy will never realize its full potential for online lead generation without strong and relevant content. Check out these tips to improve your blogging technique and increase leads.

Write Good Content
Crafting solid content takes time and research. It might seem easy to sit down and start writing, but you need a plan or outline to make your blog shine. You should do a lot of research to find out what topics your audience wants to know about. This is why it is important to stay up-to-date on current industry news and trends. If you do that, you can stay in-tune with your audience and add more value to your content.
Reach Your Audience, Wherever They Are
You have to find ways to deliver content to your audience, even if they aren’t reading your blog. To increase your readership, post your blogs to social media groups or syndication services. For example, if writing a marketing blog you could syndicate to a site like Business2Community, which has a high monthly active user base and thus may result in hundreds or even thousands of reads and shares for your piece. Remember to includes links back to your website in your blog post—this is a great way to build website authority by driving quality outside traffic back to your site.
Variety is Important
When publishing content, variety is key. Go beyond the written blog post and experiment with multimedia content to keep people interested. Members of your target audience learn in different ways, so you should cater to different styles. Publishing infographics is a good way to break up the monotony of text-based blog posts. A good visual aid goes a long way in keeping your audience from being bored.
When a visitor reads through a blog you post, their journey on your website shouldn’t stop there. This is why its a good idea to end each post with an offer of another place to go or something else to do. For example, you could ask a visitor to download a content offering, sign up for your newsletter, or tweet your post on twitter. By doing this, you can more generate leads and exposure for your business.
To find out if your blogging strategy is effective, utilize analytics. If the numbers aren’t satisfying to you, adjust your strategy. You could also A/B test two versions of the same content to see which one performs better. Doing this give you the opportunity to refine your writing and hone in on what’s driving success. You can look into everything from customer habits to the success of specific post to conversion rates. The truth is, when it comes to analytics, the options are almost endless.
This article was originally published by SyneCore
Published: May 26, 2015

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