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7 Key Reasons Why SEO Is Important For Business Growth

By: Rumzz Bajwa


SEO Tips Your Business Can Use Today

SEO is defined as the optimization process of improving the keyword ranking and organic website traffic or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic.

And it is increasingly becoming a part of ensuring the growth of any business. It refers to the process used to optimize a website’s technical configuration, content relevance, and link popularity so its pages can become easily findable, more relevant, and popular towards user search queries, and as a consequence, search engines rank them better.

How it Works

Search engines go through the following process when you hit the enter button.

  • Special search bots typically scour through the web for website links, including within sites.
  • After which, the search engine is tasked with indexing these links in a database. It identifies the keywords to store them, leading to a much faster retrieval.
  • The engine processes the user search request by running it through the content in the database.
  • The results are then shown, depending on the earnest hits that the search engine comes up with.
  • And based on the level of compatibility, the higher it is in terms of nearness, the higher it would be displayed.

Search engines make use of certain complex algorithms to select the best results. This is done by considering and observing the readability, relevance, compatibility, and target audience.

Like most things, these algorithms change constantly. And there exist few ways to figure out the patterns. However, the basics remain the same.

The role of SEO is to make sure that the company’s website is high on the list displayed after hitting the search bar that looks past the first eight hits presented. You know you’re desperate when you move to the second page of your browser.

And companies are aware of this too. Therefore, to make sure that their websites rank high in the hierarchy, they utilize Search Engine Optimization to the best of their potential.

Let’s break down some of the reasons why SEO is of the utmost importance for small business growth.

7 Key Benefits of SEO for Your Business Growth

Improves Ranking

The driving factor of SEO necessity is its ability to improve the company’s ranking. The base task of SEO is to improve the website’s ranking in question. The higher you rank, the more popular the website is. It has been established that people most often do not extensively search, never looking past the first few hits.

This is due to the vast amount of information available on the internet that makes it possible to get everything you need by merely looking into a handful of websites.

Therefore, websites need the potential of SEO to increase their rankings. It is a common belief that the first few websites contain all that is to the search. So, ideally, your website must feature on the first page of the search results. To optimize results, you might consider using outside help with this. One way to make it cost-effective would be to use freelance SEO consultants rather than large SEO agencies.

Helps Build trust and Credibility

Apart from providing a clean and effective experience for the user, SEO also helps build trust and establish credibility. The website must be made easily visible.

To establish their website, companies need to become more browser-friendly and try to understand the needs and wants of the users. The presence of several advertisements is not going to win you any favors. Ad-blocking software is increasingly becoming popular. However, the dormant nature of the SEO allows for minimal damage, allowing the users to select the desired link. This serves to increase the credibility of the website.

Establishing the website’s credibility requires time and effort. The users need to be provided with quality content to feature on the top of the website.

Authority is accrued over time, owing to factors such as

  • Natural links
  • Positive user behavior
  • Machine-learning signals
  • Optimized on-page elements and content.

Reach the Right Customers

In today’s time, small business expansion is only possible by reaching out the right potential customers. Showcasing the website to people who did not start to look out for it is a futile effort. Despite print, radio, TV, and billboards, websites need a different approach to reach potential customers.

This is done using digital marketing that uses digital tools such as SEO that helps in the targeting of the customers by optimizing the website to be presented during specific search queries to a concentrated demographic population. It also makes a note of the location. This targeting of specific locations is known as local search.

Impacting the Buying Cycle

Research is considered to be an increasingly important pillar of SEO. SEO strategy needs to be implemented to relay the message for solid deals, products, and services. It also showcases the reliability of the website. This would, in turn, lead to a positive buying circle. The brands and products in question are placed in highly visible locations to facilitate a useful connection. The local SEO further aids this by increasing the visibility to potential customers.

Long-term Strategy

This is an advance SEO strategy that plans on reaping long-lasting results. After all, it was the tortoise that won the race. SEO cannot result in instantaneous goal achievement. It needs time to work, and the pay-off is worth it when it does.

In line with this long-term approach, Anish Aryal from Digital Spotlight Australia sheds light on the intricate process of SEO optimization, stating, “By comparing real-world performance against our ever-evolving SEO models, our researchers are continuing to evolve our models to pattern what Google is ranking today. We do segment this analysis by niche, and even by sub-niche in some cases. We’re essentially looking out for small shifts (that go undetected to most agencies) that lead to long-term SEO results.” This highlights the importance of continuously adapting SEO strategies to align with the subtle yet significant changes in search engine algorithms, emphasizing a more targeted and refined approach to SEO.

It is argued that it takes an average of about half to one year to see tangible results. SEO increases the visibility quotient of the websites. This is established in the long run and allows for longer retention periods. Companies must look for long-term results rather than instant gratification.

Cost-effective, high-quality traffic

The relationship between the chronology of rank and popularity is directly proportional. However, the number of visits to the websites alone does not make it well-established.

The relevance must be taken into account. The viewers need to be of the selected demographic and need to satisfy the reason for selecting the website. SEO helps bring customers who are potential users and viewers of the website and the products and services.

Also, SEO is a much cheaper means of digital marketing and online advertising when compared to its counterparts. It also creates a much more stable environment and provides quality service.

Customer Engagement

This is the era where the customer is the King. Therefore, websites must stay at the top of their game and help establish customer satisfaction.

They need to stay ahead of the competitors and engage with their customers regularly to get valuable feedback and suggestions.

The experience created for the customer plays a major role in determining their satisfaction. Factors such as feasibility, easy navigation, relevance, product or service information visibility, etc., play a role in deciding. Search engine optimization considers these elements and decks out the algorithm that works for the websites.


Search Engine Optimization is a relatively new but rapidly growing field that is increasingly being sought after due to the benefits. It has now become necessary for new or emerging websites to use SEO to achieve success.

Published: February 15, 2022

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