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5 Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Business

By: John England


Noirmoutier, France - July 3, 2017: front of a beach toys store in the city center on a summer day

Getting your brand’s name out there is essential for you to make money. It really is as simple as that. If people don’t know who you are and what you or sell, then chances are business won’t be as good as it could be.

Thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing can help you reach people in new and unexpected ways and create a successful campaign that will help boost our sales and turn their interest into custom.

Custom Inflatables

If you are going to an event, trade show, exhibition, local market, etc, then you want something that draws people to you. Catch their attention by utilizing props to garner interest then finish off the job by closing the sale yourself. Custom inflatables are a great way of catching the eye of anyone and everyone. The more unique and fun it is, the better. But make sure it still represents your brand and is easily identifiable to who you are. Make sure to check out the ultimate guide for custom inflatables before placing your order to make sure it is precisely what you want it to be.

Go Local

Get out and about in your local community and spread the word. Use fliers, cleverly designed business cards – incorporate your products or services as much as possible in a unique way – if you own a bakery, then use your products to help you design a business card people won’t forget.

Chalk art on pavements – temporary but effective in getting people’s attention (check local laws to make sure you don’t get a fine or criminal record first. Set up a promotion board outside your stop front with fun quotes and slogans to create a talking point. Done well, this could be uploaded to someone’s social media to go viral, giving your company free publicity for minimal cost!


Look for opportunities to sponsor a range of different and quirky products or services. Have a look in your local area to see what advertising opportunities are available – advertising in this way can be even more effective in urban areas. Think electric bikes to hire, free water refilling stations, or also sponsoring art installations around your local city.

Online Contests

People love to win things. But instead of offering something for free, use your social media to get people to engage with you, and share your product. A photo contest on Instagram is a great idea. Create a unique hashtag for your brand and then get people to share their purchases or your promotional items if you don’t supply a physical product via a picture tagging our account and using the hashtag. This is a great way to gain more exposure online for little outlay.

Social Media

Be as authentic as possible and make sure to stay on brand when it comes to replying in a professional capacity. Avoid responding to negativity with negativity and be careful as to the content you create. Align your social media activity with your ideal client and aim all posts at them while still keeping that authenticity. Keep it informative and fun and regularly engage with followers and other people in your niche across all your social media platforms.

Published: June 8, 2020

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