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4 Car Accessories for Security and Protection

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Some of the busiest people among us are business owners. It’s hard to keep track of everything that is happening in your business and have to worry about your car being damaged, breaking down, or worse, being stolen. But there are a lot of car accessories to choose from which should ease your fear of your car ending up totaled or someone else’s property.

Some keep your car shining and protect it from external elements, others protect it from theft and other unpleasant crimes. While less utilitarian-minded car owners look for spinning rims and underspill LED lights to give their vehicles that distinct “personal touch” you can be more practical and get the auto accessories that are going to protect your vehicle.

There is a lot to choose from, which is good since that means you have plenty of choices and lots of ways to protect your car from all the dangers of the outside world, be they natural or human.

Clean and Fresh with a Car Cover

Keeping the car looking clean and smelling fresh is not an easy task, especially if you regularly drive it around when it’s raining or snowing. If your business has open-air parking, your vehicle is going to be exposed to all manner of potentially dangerous weather conditions. From slush and mud to rainwater and frost, there are all kinds of natural elements capable of doing some damage to your vehicle. While there is no way to stop them all, what you can do is take certain measures to ensure that the damage is minimized or even avoided entirely.

Car covers and car mats are your best ways of going about this. While car floor mats protect the interior of your vehicle, a car cover protects the exterior, both working in unison to keep your car in one shape. So while you take care of business indoors, your car is safe outdoors.

Keeping Track with a GPS Tracker

You can’t have someone posted near your car 24/7 and have them be on the lookout for someone trying to steal your car. And you have a business to run; you can’t be glancing out of your office window every two seconds to make sure your car is still parked outside. Auto theft is one of the most common crimes across the world and if you want to be sure that your car is well protected from being stolen, you need to have a GPS tracker installed.

These are all kinds of GPS trackers for you to use but among the most common and easily accessible ones connect to an app on your phone and allow you to get regular updates on your car’s whereabouts. So, even if someone thinks they have gotten away with stealing your car, they are in for a surprise when you find their exact location and where they are headed.

While it will not directly protect your car from getting stolen, it can track it as the crime is being committed, increasing the potential of catching the perpetrator and recovering your car in one piece.

Keeping It In Place Tire or Rim Lock

We all know about steering wheel locks. They are simple, though slightly finicky to use. But they get the job done. Unless the car thief has the kind of technology that can cut through thick steel pipes, there is no chance that they are getting away with your car.

The problem with steering wheel locks is that they do have a tendency to cause minor, though still visible damage to the interior. Over time you will notice the steering wheel and other parts of the interior start to peel, flake, and tear off as a result of the lock being fixed then removed time and time again.

Instead, you can use a tire lock. Not unlike the ones used by the authorities when a car is impounded, tire locks are perfect for those who look to have some added protection, but also don’t want to damage the interior. Locking onto the rim of your car, this lock will prevent the car from moving out of place until unlocked. It will take way too much effort for them to break through the tire lock and for most thieves out there, this is impossible to do.

This way, you are not only keeping your car safe but not damaging it as you do so.

And keep in mind that these only a few of the most popular car accessories with business owners. You will find all kinds of other ones by doing a quick search online. Find something that suits your needs and will protect your car while you are busy growing your business and keeping things running properly.

Published: July 2, 2021

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