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5 Simple Ways to Shoot Your Small Business Up to the Next Level

By: Ryan Tyson


Simple Ways to Shoot Your Business to the Next Level

Owning your own business can be very rewarding, but there usually comes a time when you need to decide whether you want to stay where you are or take it to the next level. Every business has some room to grow whether you add new products or expand your sales and service area. Here are some tips for taking your small business to the next level.

1. Keep an Eye out for the Perfect Time

Timing is crucial when you want to grow or expand your business. Before spending the time and money needed to grow, make sure the demand is there. Look at what the trends are and look at what your customers want. Is there a product they consistently request or a service you can provide that they need? Look at blogs, forums, and other social media to get an idea of what people are talking about.

2. Start with Your Existing Customers

The best place to start growing is with your existing customers. You can offer complementary products and services to go with what they are already buying. You can even use discounts to get them interested and earn new sales. Once your existing customers start buying your new product, you can branch out and get some new customers to increase sales even more.

3. Make Sure You Use the Right POS System

Using a POS system that takes care of all the little details is key to expanding your business. You don’t want to spend your time worrying about payments, bookkeeping, and inventory when there are excellent systems out there that can do it for you. QuickBooks has a robust system that will take credit card payments, allow you to ring up sales, and even update your inventory with each transaction so you can see what you have in stock with just a few clicks on the computer.

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4. Build Up Your Online Presence

Most customers turn to the internet when they want to buy something, so if you want to sell more of your product you need a strong internet presence. This means becoming active on all the social media sites, engaging with other users on all of them, and becoming active on the forums and with the people who will want what you are selling.

5. Hiring and Delegating

Once your business starts to grow, you might need to hire people to help out. Once you have employees it is important to learn how to delegate some of your responsibilities. Growing your business might mean letting go of some of the little jobs and letting others do tasks that don’t need your direct input. Delegating is hard when you have a personal investment in your company, but it is necessary. You don’t want to burn yourself out.

Taking your business to the next level takes time and the ability to let go. Make sure you wait for the right time, take advantage of your existing customers, and learn to delegate so you can focus on the big picture.

Published: July 26, 2018

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