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How to Buy Energy Smart Products

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Have you ever been out shopping for a new electronic device and come across a blue label that says “Energy Star”? The Energy Star label is a government-backed certification program designed to promote the usage of energy efficient electronics by businesses and consumers. Demonstrating awareness of the products you purchase for your small business does not only do a great service to mother earth but it can also serve as a way to attract environmentally conscious customers. Oh, there’s one other practical application of purchasing these products: they save you money!

What Kind of Products?
Energy Star products can be found for most any office equipment that runs on a power source, including lighting, heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electronic devices.
Where to Shop?
Many retail stores have embraced the idea of selling environmental-friendly products and with more than 40,000 products carrying the Energy Star seal, some have even gone so far as to set up a green space online where they sell only certified products. You can go shopping online where you will find a long list of Energy Star products. If you prefer to shop in a retail setting, you can locate an Energy Star store near you.
How Much Do You Save?
While it is not possible to know for sure how much you can save without knowing what energy products your business is currently using, you might be surprised by how quickly the cost of expending energy adds up over a year. There is a list of success stories on the Energy Store website, including a grocery store in California that saved $48,000 a year by upgrading to energy efficient products.
More Information
The Energy Star website offers a guide on making green purchases for small businesses, which includes business strategies and other tips for purchasing certified products. You might also consider purchasing Green IT For Dummies for a complete guide on how to maximize your business’ energy savings.
Published: February 26, 2014

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