Before Extending a Job Offer, Look at These 5 Traits

When building your team, there is nothing more important than hiring someone who not only is good at what they do but who is...

3 Keys to Safe, Efficient Materials Storage and Inventory Management

Improper storage of materials had deadly consequences for one worker when an explosion rocked a construction site off U.S. 280 in Harpersville, Alabama. Christopher...

5 Simple Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

There is an abundance of distractions that prevent employees from being as productive as possible. From cell phones to lack of motivation to employee discomfort, these distractions can cost your company thousands of dollars in wasted time.

Policies That Work Against Great Customer Service

So many times, businesses establish policies that work for them but penalize their customers. Now go out and make sure you do not have any policies that seem like they are serving your business but are really reducing your sales and diminishing the quality of customer service you provide.

Protect Your Cash, Part 2

In this second of three parts, here are more easy procedures to implement so that you protect your hard earned cash. The person who signs the checks is not the same person who balances the checkbook.

Can Customer Service Go Too Far?

While customer service is critical, it cannot be given away if the costs become prohibitive. I think the answer is to make sure that everyone understands the terms of a deal when they are accepted.

Who Cares About Customer Loyalty?

Repeat customers, raving fans, angry backlashers, commodity shoppers. Oh boy, what a range of loyalty these represent. And in your years, you may have...

Using an Employee Handbook to Define Company Policies

An effective employee handbook that lays out all of your company policies can be a great benefit to your small business. Although there's no kind of legal requirement forcing you to develop a handbook for your small business, experts have found that companies with a handbook that spells out the company's rules, policies, and procedures have a more productive workplace.

Stats and Rankings on Schools Teaching Entrepreneurship [Infographic]

Notice the huge increase in the number of institutions offering courses on entrepreneurship. The question it asks—can schools teach entrepreneurship—isn't one to be answered with statistics and rankings. Of course that takes a qualitative answer, sifting through what elements business schools can teach and what elements business schools don't teach.

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service

Imagine this: your customer leaves your business and has a poor experience. Instead of telling your staff, she tells her friends on Twitter.

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