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What Can a Cloud-Based POS System Do for Your Business?

By: Tina Kyriacou


What Can a Cloud Based POS System Do

By definition, a POS (point of sale) is the system from which you conduct sales. Different versions of them exist, all of which have varying features and strengths. But when it comes to improving customer experience and business processes, the cloud-based POS is the top player.

This system allows you to access your reports and all your business data, wherever you are. It’s scalable, offers significantly lower infrastructure costs, and is extremely easy to update, ensuring that you’re always working on the latest version.

Let’s explore the 3 ways cloud-based point of sale systems help you run a better business.

Mobility, mobility, mobility

The first thing that should come to mind when you think of a cloud-based POS system is mobility. Gone are the days of being stuck behind a cash counter to ring up sales. Now, nothing can get in your way from conducting transactions right on the sales floor on your iPad or tablet.

“Over 70% of today’s top retailers are deploying tablets in their stores to provide sales floor support.”

But mobility doesn’t end with your store. The sky’s the limit—quite literally. As long as you have a wifi connection, you have access to every single feature and functionality of your point of sale.

Check up on your store’s performance while you’re home sick, or away on vacation. Bring your iPad with you to trade shows to sell on the spot, or even when you meet a supplier in case you need past sales data as reference.

Cloud-based means speed, accuracy, and especially, reliability, wherever you are.

Employee management

If you ask your employees, a good cloud-based POS should be easy to use. But if you ask us, a good cloud-based POS should easy to use and help you manage your staff.

Your employees are ambassadors of your brand, so your POS shouldn’t eat up all of their time. Don’t leave them out of the equation when you consider your store’s technology.

Cloud-based point of sale systems have individual secure logins for every employee, an integrated punch clock, and custom permission settings for every role. The intuitive interface minimizes training time, speeds up checkout, and makes every interaction with the POS much smoother.

At the end of the day, all this saved time adds up, and you’ll find yourself (and your staff) with a little more time on your hands to help shoppers, and create that unique customer experience.

Enhanced shopping experience

A cloud-based POS helps create an intimate, personalized shopping experience that builds brand loyalty, while increasing opportunities for sales. It enables you to quickly look up your inventory from any of your locations and to easily find upsell suggestions for related products.

Bundle that with a mobile customer database that tracks past purchases, preferred brands, sizes, special notes, and more, significantly helps fostering solid customer relationships.

A customer wants to know if you have extra sizes in the back office or at another one of your locations? If it comes in another color? What size they bought last time? All these answers, and much, much more, can be found in seconds from the palm of your hand.

“The typical American shopper will leave a store without buying anything after 8 minutes in the check-out line.”

Consumers want speed, flexibility, and quality service. A cloud-based POS is a big part in making that happen.

To this day, the word cloud still seems to be off-putting to some. When in reality, all it means is that your data is stored on a secure cloud database instead of on a physical one. This slight logistical variation makes a world of a difference for your business. It makes everything accessible to you at all times, wherever you are, and it actually costs you less.

It’s a bandwagon you should jump on now if you haven’t already.

Published: December 13, 2018

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