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How do I bill my clients for my consulting services?

We do not know the type of consulting services you plan to offer.  However, business consultants and other service businesses have standard billing rates by staff position. Also, these billing rates are often adjusted based on the total hours of the project, competing consultant fees, and other factors.

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system designed to provide benefits to employees injured as a result of their employment activities and to limit the liability of employers. Because it is a no-fault system, the employee does not need to prove negligence on the part of the employer to establish liability.

How do I file a sole proprietorship under the same name?

 Sole proprietor formation: You can review the other basic steps to forming a sole proprietorship in your state through the following government and business resources, which include these considerations…

Should I purchase my own work vehicle?

 Personal vs. business vehicle: The business use of a vehicle is a tax deductible expense, whether the vehicle is owned or leased personally or by a business. Also, due to the potential personal income tax implications, vehicles are not typically owned by corporations or other business entities unless the business use (mileage) is substantial (80% or more, for example).

What is your opinion of “cloud based” storage of files?

Certainly online, or cloud-based, storage is a new technology, but we feel that it is reliable and can be cost effective. Having an external storage device is good; however, unless it is convenient to use, most people don’t back up on a timely basis. We would suggest you consider

Cold Calling Techniques?

Cold calling can involve phone calls to set appointments or cold call visits to prospects to have a sales meeting or set an appointment for a return visit. Also, in many industries it is common to send letters of introduction, brochures, catalogs, or other marketing materials before calling to set appointments or making direct sales calls.

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