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I am an attorney and have a security concern about using the office suite’s copying machines. Do copy machines retain any sort of history of the images they copy?

Digital copiers manufactured since 2002 typically have a hard drive or drives that store data about the documents copied, printed, scanned, faxed or emailed on or through the machine. If you don’t take steps to protect that data, it can be stolen from the hard drive, either by remote access or by extracting the data once the drive has been removed.

Is there such a thing as a paperless office?

While the prospect of a paperless office may be an efficiency goal, it is often difficult to achieve in practice due to legal, tax, cost, and other business implications. Also, a bookkeeper’s job, by its very nature involves considerable paperwork and the processing of that paperwork – customer invoices, vendor/supplier bills, payroll and vendor checks, financial reports, etc.

We are currently running Windows XP and are considering leasing computers from Mac/Apple, is it worth it?

QuickBooks, Office, and other business software for Macs can be purchased; however, other than the efficiencies of Macs with heavy graphics and similar uses, we are not aware of any particular advantage that Macs have over PCs in the area of reliability, speed, life, or long-term cost of ownership.

What would be the best payment arrangement to a project manager to assure they are working and not billing us for being on the job and not there?

It is common for construction companies to require project managers and other employees to submit a form of weekly timesheet in order to accurately track labor time, costs, and profitability of each project.

What is the most advantageous way to transition from our existing domain/company name to a new domain/company name?

A business that changes its name can notify the IRS of the name change by following the procedures described at the IRS website below. Provided the name change does not require the business to obtain a new Federal Tax ID number (TIN), also known as a Federal Employer Identification Number or EIN, the IRS will change the business name assigned to the business’ EIN.

My 5-year old desktop pc appears to be getting slower and my budget is limited, should I be looking at a replacement pc or possibly a server for remote access?

5 years is well beyond the useful life of a typical PC. We suggest it is time to upgrade. If you travel, we would suggest you consider a laptop. In addition to the weight and cost, you should make a list of features that you want and compare various laptops.

Can you recommend or help finding a software application that supports business card scanning?

We do not have a specific recommendation to a business card scanning software program for your business; however, there are a variety of business card scanning software programs on the market that work well.


What is a good program that you would recommend to maintain and keep up with the cost and inventory of materials, equipment, and supplies?

For software to handle your inventory, fixed assets and other accounting needs, we do not know the number of items and transactions you deal with; however, Sage 50 and QuickBooks are two of the most popular accounting software programs used by small businesses.


Where can I find a basic policy for the use of personal cell phones by employees on company time?

A well-conceived document will, however, be relatively easy to modify, allowing you to add and delete sections as appropriate. Due to the complexity of labor laws and the potential for liability in such areas as discrimination and confidentiality, we recommend that all employee handbooks and personnel policy statements be reviewed by a qualified labor lawyer.

Where can we find a handset compatible with our current telephones in our office?

Office telephone systems like the RCA Visys System are proprietary systems. What this means is that a Nortel or Panasonic handset  will not work with an RCA Visys phone system. Handsets must be from the same manufacturer and then compatible with your existing model.

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