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Thinking Like an Entrepreneur



The mindset of an entrepreneur is not just good for business. It’s empowering. It can be life changing. Thinking like an entrepreneur gives you an opportunity to take control of your life.
Here are some of the key things that an entrepreneur believes:

•    I am in control of my circumstances.
•    No matter what happens, I can find an opportunity.
•    If I can provide value to other people first and above all, the money will come.

That’s in contrast to the typical mindset, of pay me first and focusing on value to the customer only as an afterthought. An entrepreneur is always thinking about solving problems for other people, coming up with solutions that no one else has and finding the things that no one else is able to do. If you can do that, then you’ll succeed as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs also don’t dwell on the negative. They don’t obsess over the obstacles and the things that they don’t have—“I could succeed if only I had…”—but rather pursue the opportunity and focus on what they can do. Harvard defines entrepreneurship as the pursuit of opportunity without regards to resources. It’s about jumping on the opportunity and using what you have to make something work.
When you think like an entrepreneur, life is not something that happens to you—it’s your opportunity to do something. It’s your opportunity to make a difference in your own personal, unique way.

Published: February 28, 2014

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