Rebecca Shipley

Rebecca Shipley is a marketing analyst turned writer who loves covering small business marketing, sales, and branding topics. A self-proclaimed "data nerd" Rebecca loves digging in and finding trends that can be used to improve marketing and sales strategies. Connect with Rebecca on .


How to Turn Profits into Growth

Starting a business is not hard. The hard part comes when you have to use your brains and resources to build the business from the ground and make a profit out of your business idea….

These 3 Practices Might Seem Obvious, But Are You Doing Them Right?

The business world has never been more competitive than it is right. With the advance of technology, this has allowed everyone, not matter education or income, to start a business and be successful. Business owners…

Your Personal Credit Score Matters More Than You Realize to Your Business

As an entrepreneur, it is assumed that you are aware that your business credit matters. It makes a difference in applying for loans, it affects your credit score, and improves your ability to apply for…

How to Get Inbound Marketing Right for Your Small Business

If you have a small business and you want to maximize your returns, paying attention to inbound marketing is critical. First, let’s examine what it is and how inbound marketing can help your small business….

Supply Chain Management Sees a Great Future with the Internet of Things

Distribution and Logistics are being vastly affected by the Internet of Things and its ramification. But this is not a new concept of warehouses and distribution centers. The biggest roadblock to implementing the concept has…

3 Strategies for Making Money from Home

Making money online can seem like a “get rich scheme” to some and to others a seemingly unreachable goal. Today, we are going to look at a few legitimate ways to earn money online, even…

Building a Brand: 6 Tips for a Brandable Business

It’s easy for businesses to get lost amongst competitors. For this reason, creating a brand that is memorable and unique is an integral step in building a successful business. Maximizing visibility, establishing relationships, and showing…