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3 Strategies for Making Money from Home

Strategies for Making Money from Home

Making money online can seem like a “get rich scheme” to some and to others a seemingly unreachable goal. Today, we are going to look at a few legitimate ways to earn money online, even if you are completely new to the idea. You can start making money today. These are realistic and achievable strategies.

Offer Your Services as a Freelancer

There are many different types of freelancers. You can be a writer, photographer, web designer, proofreader, graphic designer, or editor. If any of these align with your passion or skills, you can get to work today. The most popular freelance websites are Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are very similar platforms that connect you with clients who are hiring freelancers. Clients will put up jobs listings and hire freelancers for their projects. To start using any of those platforms today, you first need to create an account. Next it’s time to build your profile. Your potential clients will have access to your profile, so it is important to be accurate and thorough. Highlight your knowledge and experience. All projects will go through the online portal. You will be able to communicate through this portal and even get paid. The best part, it requires almost no money to get started!

Promote Videos Online

You may be thinking, “I can’t make a video that others will want to see or buy,” but you can!

You have a skill that is valuable. Do you know how to tie a tie, change a tire, or paint your nails? There are people who do not know this and want to learn. Those are simple everyday skills that you may think is common knowledge, but it isn’t known to everyone.

Choose a niche that you can make multiple videos about. The examples above would be men’s fashion niche, auto/mechanic niche, and nail design/care niche. You can make many videos covering different aspects of each niche.

Using the mechanic/auto niche as an example, you will need more videos than just how to change a tire. If people want to know about changing a tire, they may want to know how to add windshield wiper fluid or how to change a taillight. You could create videos for different aspects of your niche.

After you’ve chosen what your videos will be about will be, what’s next? How will people be able to find and purchase your course? There are several options available, but those fail into two categories.

The first and possibly most well-known option is YouTube. In order to make money from your videos on YT, you need to be eligible for the YouTube Partner program which allows video creators to make money on the advertisements shown before their videos play.

If on the other hand if you are “all-in” so to speak and plan to make a full course you would like to sell, a platform that allows you to host and sell your courses is another option.

Uscreen for example, is a user-friendly platform that you could use to sell your videos online. You do not need coding experience to use this. Through Uscreen you will be able to categorize the videos, choose the player type, and begin promoting your videos to make money.

If you do happen to have experience with web design and marketing, you could also setup and sell videos from your own custom website, but this would require more startup capital and legwork.

Marketing and Promotion

So, you have a great hobby that is sellable. You want to turn this into a money-making business. How is that going to happen? How will you connect your product with buying customers?

First, you need a website and a way for people to find that website. If you are new to websites and digital marketing, you will soon learn that hiring a company to make a website and promote it can be expensive. There are ways to learn how to do those for yourself. Digital Class for example, is a website that offers training on how to create and use a WordPress website. In addition to showing you how to promote that website through Search Engine Optimization.

Getting Started

There are many ways that you can make money working from home. If you are needing income now, then you can start by being a freelancer. This income may not be a lot in the beginning, but it will be a start. Over time, when you have gained experience and positive reviews, you will be able to increase your fees. People will pay you more for your skills, as you build your reputation.

If you are striving to have a strong long-term income from home, selling videos and products may be the way to go. Remember, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. This will be a business. You will get what you put into it. With any business, it takes a lot of time and work. Once you have decided which interests and skills to focus on, take action as soon as you can, to reach your home based business goals.

Published: November 28, 2017

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